Friday, September 12, 2014

Page of Pentacles - Stay Calm, Be Brave, Watch For The SIgns

This morning drawing the Page of Pentacles I reflected on my day yesterday. The day was a succession of  things that went wrong it seemed. Very annoying, most inconvenient, and anxiety producing incidences which happened from the time I left the house until I returned. I was dealing with issues like car problems, money issues, and not being able to contact people I needed to. I know I am just venting but that said, there were also many things that went very right.

Human nature being what it is, we habitually look at the negative when  life does not go our way. This was me yesterday. But I am grateful nonetheless.

Today I am going to resolve not to do this awefulizing, I don't think this is an actual word but it works in describing what I am trying to say.

Not unlike all of the Pages that represent the young novice, or inexperienced individuals and beginnings, I see the Page of Pentacles as that young immature part of ourselves that can't quite get a handle on how to cope with the material world,and what happens. He thirsts for knowledge and works hard to obtain it.

The Page of Pentacles has a message as a framework for living life. The card urges us to take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit, through exercise, relaxation and interests  doing so with care, gentleness and time.

The Page of Pentacles needs steady order without surprises that create an instability.  This springs from a fear of not being in control, and we feel we are loosing our focus. Yup that's me. The only thing I can control, is myself, and I have a hard enough time doing this, let alone anyone or anything else. It's all about fear really.

I am reminded of the saying on one of my very favourite CBC Radio shows, that is no longer on, but I remember it fondly, The Dead Dog Cafe. At the end of the show they would say, " Stay Calm, Be brave, Watch for the Signs." Though it was a comedy show, there was always an underlining serious and wise message. This was the one I especially liked, and have used it to help me through those days like yesterday, and now will continue to use it.


Ellen said...

"awefulizing®"so that is now officially your word ! LOL! I love it,!
Silly little humans as we are, we forget to notice the beauty all around us when a few things don't go as we want to.
Yes control out of fear how recognizable. Still in my point a view this page has also a playful attitude: open to learn and to experiment

Unknown said...

Oh ya for sure I'm all for the play with a capital P! Going to see my friend tomorrow out by the ocean, talking my jam jams and my playful attitude!