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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Magician - The Guide -The Trickster

When I drew the Magician this morning, I was pretty excited, as had never happened in a daily drawn card.
Here we meet the God Hermes, often called the Trickster, the child born of spiritual light, and primordial darkness. He is a mixture of earthly passion and spiritual clarity. He may give us answers to some of our questions, but they may not always be the right answers for us, and so we need to draw from our discerning insight.

Being the master of the four elements, he guides the traveler, the wanderer and the homeless, and is the inner guide of the unconscious and offers us wisdom often when we most need it, at critical and difficult moments. His wisdom is manifested through our intellectual, imaginative, emotional and physical selves. He directs us toward our undeveloped potential skills and creative capacities.

The Magician is a spiritual teacher and the protector of the Fool who is blind, but when he meets up with Hermes, the journey becomes possible.

the Trickster by gluki-goroda


thesycamoretree said...

As Master of the Four Elements, I'm surprised Marvel Comics hasn't tried to tap this market! :D

Catherine Meyers said...

Ha! Ah yes, well they have the Magician and The Elementals they manifest the four elements.

Las Magas said...

Hi Catherine! I love your description of this tricky child! :) Happy weekend and Muchas Estrellas!!!!

Catherine Meyers said...

Haeehaaa yes the tricky child! Thank you LM!
You too! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

Neopagan Priestess said...

I like the bit about him not always giving us the answers we want or need :)

Catherine Meyers said...

Hey NP thank you so much for visiting, and for your comment! I'll be subscribing to your blog!
That's why he's the Trickster! But there are lessons to be gleaned from those 'mistakes'.

Neopagan Priestess said...

Interesting point! There are always pearls if we look for them :D

Catherine Meyers said...

Yes for sure. I think sometimes though it doesn't feel that way when we are experiencing this, those pearls are the best gems!