Monday, September 1, 2014

King of Cups - Emotional Intellect

The King of Cups is all about emotional balance, creativity, control, and the unconscious. It is a very clarifying and affirming card for me today, as I can occasionally feel overwhelmed, and confused by emotion.

I have learned through the Mythic Tarot that emotion and feelings are different.  " Emotion is a visceral reaction while and feeling is an active, intelligent faculty of choice. " Feelings need to be in sync with the intellect, and the intellect should be in conjunction with the heart, if we are to be in a balanced state. If we do not control our emotions, they will control us or often come out sideways. This does not mean we repress feelings and sentiment but our emotion and intellect together allow us to have relationships based on temperance, and understanding.

The King of Cups represents having a deep understanding of what it means to actualize our compassion toward  others and toward ourselves. This card encourages us to consider our dealings with others, and how we interact with them.

 Needing to exercise our emotional maturity when others are exhibiting negative energy is an essential strength and skill.

We must be clear about our boundaries, and know what is acceptable, and what is not, on an emotional level. Developing our unconscious and compassion are the skills that will help us to define these boundaries, they create balance and enable us, like the King of Cups, to be the master of our own feelings and to have an emotional intellect.


Ellen said...

And all these words inspired by one card.How wonderful is that! :) It is so important to be aware of the difference between feelings and emotions. it is so freeing to know we can choose for beneficial feelings. which in turn will change the way we thinking a positive way. "what a piece of work is (wo)man!"

Unknown said...

AHaaa haaa! Ellen you made my day, again! I am smiling from ear to ear! Yes! I am so glad I am not the big ball of emotion any more, as I was once described as being! YUP! We really are all that and a bag o' chips! LOL

thesycamoretree said...

I used to think detachment was like turning off the hot water faucet and only using the cold (no emotion, only logic). But as you said, we need both to live a joy-filled life. We can be both compassionate and objective at the same time. :)

Unknown said...

Yes Bev, detachment doesn't mean I don't care. Having compassion sure doesn't make us weak, just the opposite. I got my heart broke one to many times before I finally figured out my boundaries. It was a tight rope walk for a while, wearing your heart on your sleeve, or suppressing emotion to the point of repressing, like shutting in a big steel door. So grateful not to be in that place anymore!