Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eight of Wands - Confidence

This card always takes me back when first seeing it, because of the ship in the turbulent sea. Then when I see the dolphins, it gives me the feeling of joy that freedom gives.

 It's always surprising to me when I draw my daily Tarot card. I look at the card, and often think, what the heck can that card possibly mean? This can't make any relevant sense? But the cards always make sense, regardless if initially, I think that they don't. This morning is no different.

The Eight of Wands brings the message of having confidence, and hope in forward progress, after struggle.

When we go through hard times, and struggle with burdens for so long it is an indescribable, wonderful feeling when we are released from them. Old habits, routines, and ways of living under duress, abuse or whatever our burdens, are hard to let go of sometimes, because they become entrenched in our personalities, we get used to doing without, and just trying to keep our head above water, to survive. It can be hard to trust life again.

This kind of circumstance makes me think of something I heard about today on CBC Radio. The story of Raju the elephant, and how he was rescued from his abusers in India, by an organization called Wildlife SOS. It's a very painful story to learn about, but at the same time a happy one, to know he has been released from being abused and in captivity after 50 years in chains.


Ellen said...

Sometimes I feel like my life is one big survival trip but when I start noticing the little miracles I know I can bloom where I've been planted.
I cannot change my circumstances without hurting the people I love So I will change my perception

Unknown said...

I laughed when I saw what you wrote because I identify with the 'one big survival trip'! Certainly not to make light of it, just the opposite. But I have to have a sense of humour to get me through!
Me too, Ellen especially the past week or so. Seriously I thought to myself today, how the hell can I take one more day of this shit lol. But I have and I will, because I know I have that inner strength that doesn't come from me.

Being or finding contentment where ever you find yourself, now that's a miracle! <3

Love and blessings to you Ellen