Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two of Wands - Courage

In drawing the Two of Wands this morning, courage is the subject.

In this Minor Arcana card, we find Chiron the healer, astrologer, teacher, and tutor with a youth nurturing nature, and as Jason's life long protector. Chiron played very important roll in Jason's life from birth, and into his adulthood. Without Chiron to help and protect Jason, there would be no Golden Fleece. Not unlike those in our own lives, who act as our own courageous mentors, champions, and personal heroes, they inspire, enable our visions to come into fruition, help us to achieve our goals, and without them, we would not be able to realize or forge our dreams.

To live a life of courage is not necessarily manifested in heroic events, like saving the lives of the drowning, rescuing others from burning buildings etc. These events, and heroes should be held in very high esteem, and revered.

There are also those heroes who persevere, living everyday lives, performing acts of courage, and simply living their daily lives. So many mothers, fathers and families and mentors, strive to impart loving values to children, protecting and lifting up others who are discouraged, frightened or without hope in a world filled with so much strife, poverty, disease, and violence. These heroes are more often unsung, but are the protectors of the vulnerable and of truth.

Brazilian lyricist and writer Paulo Coelho describes, "An act of courage is always an act of love."


Neopagan Priestess said...

So much truth here. All the unsung heroes who just get on with life, in the face of difficulties. Beautiful post, Catherine!

thesycamoretree said...

I can think of many mentors who gave me the courage to act (or in some cases, to wait). Without them, my life would be very different from today. Great post!

Unknown said...

Yes NP and Bev what would we all do without them? And if we are our own heroine we can maybe be another person's mentor.

Thank you Sisters!