Wednesday, September 3, 2014

' The Feminine Face of God '

La Loba /Wolf Woman - Catherine Meyers
Yesterday I posted the about the Empress, which was the card I drew from my Mythic Tarot deck.
The Empress (Demeter) is the Earth Mother. Her daughter is The High Priestess (Persephone) queen of the underworld, link to the inner world or ' the unconscious ', and guardian of the secrets of the dead.

I am posting today about these two particular cards because they directly relate to the amazing book I am reading that I have mentioned in my posts a number of times, The Heroine's Journey, by Maureen Murdock. There is so much more I would love to share about this book and why I think it is a very important book to read, but suffice to say I highly recommend it to anyone, but especially to those who are tarot readers. It is a book that enables a deep understanding of our feminine and masculine identity and how there needs to be a balance between the two within ourselves for wholeness.

The High Priestess is our guide to all that is mysterious and mystical. I have read that this card, more than any other in the tarot deck, embodies and symbolizes the tarot reader, which I agree with, because the High Priestess represents the knowledge of intuition, supernatural, instinct, secret and self knowledge, and I believe it is the reason why individuals become tarot readers, male or female.

Here are some excerpts from The Heroine's  Journey that I hope will provide for you  food for thought, that I think clarifies ideas about the feminine, masculine, and about mother and daughter.

 " The nature of the mother/daughter split is also determined by how a woman integrates the archetypal Mother into her psyche, which includes Mother Earth and the cultural view of the feminine.

Our collective psyche fears the power of Mother and does everything it can to destroy it. We take her nurturance for granted; we use, abuse, and dominate matter (mater) every time we get a chance. Every barrel of oil that pours into Prince William Sound, every ton of nuclear waste that is stored in the New Mexican desert, every tree that is suffocated by acid rain shows our enormous arrogance and disregard for her.

Our churches have pushed the feminine face of God underground for centuries, destroying her image and usurping her power for the male gods. How can we feel connected to the feminine when culture around us does everything in its power to make us forget? We bow before the gods of greed, domination, and ignorance and scoff at the feminine images of nurturance, balance, and generousity. We rape, plunder, and destroy the earth and expect her to give to us endlessly. This mother/daughter wound runs deep; it will take much to heal it. "

" Your inner man and woman
   have been at war
   they are both wounded
   and in need of care it is time
   to put down the sword
   that divides them in two "

" The Masculine is an archetypal force; it is not a gender. Like the feminine, it is a creative force that lives within all women and men. When it becomes unbalanced and unrelated to life it becomes combative, critical, and destructive. This unrelated archetypal masculine can be cold and inhuman; it does not take into account out human limitations. Its machismo tells us to forge ahead no matter what the cost. It demands perfection, control, and domination; nothing is ever enough. Our masculine nature is wounded. "

" It is the job of the heroine to enlighten the world by loving it-starting with herself. "

I have to say I was initially not clear about what is meant by the masculine not being a gender. Upon more reflection. I believe what is meant, is that masculine and feminine are archetypal forces, not gender. That makes sense to me. I found more information from this site.


Las Magas said...

Hi Catherine! Excellent post! It's really deep and inspiring and very important to reflect on. It makes me think about it. I absolutely agree with the definition of masculine and femenine as archetypical forces, not gender and the balance. I believe that, in spite of, it is a world very machista, we, the women, have the tools, with all our many attributes and gifts and, little by little and step by step, for changing things in this world. This book seems to be amazing! ...So we have a very crucial job ahead to do! :) Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!!!!

Las Magas said...

PD: Buenísima La Loba!!! = very awesome La Loba!!! :)

Ellen said...

Great post Catherine! Isn't is wonderful how reading one book can give you so much more insight on a subject and/or new things to think about!
I've learned a lot through tarot about these archetypal energies. At first I was all about connecting solely to the feminine, as if there was a huge deficiency of her energy inside myself. Now I am leaning more towards a blend of masculine and feminine and it feels like there is this one Divine energy which is masculine and feminine and who knows what more in one great something which is omnipresent and also just here for me :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment!!! So happy for the positive feed back. I have been a woman who has read these kinds of book for so long but honestly this one is so insightful and I think gives guidance for healing that is invaluable.

I have had a number of First Nations woman sisters that had once said women have to bring wisdom to others especially to men. That always stayed with me. Now I know why!

Yes I hope you will seek this book out believe me you will not regret it!

Question for you. Is your name Estrellas meaning Star?

My painting of La Loba was the first of sixteen in a series, based on the book Women Who Run With The Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Thank you for liking it! <3

Ellen said...

O My Your painting is so beautiful I love it how you've worked with the (is it ink) scratches. The blues are so vibrant and in the strength of this entire picture there is the softness of her face.

Unknown said...

Your comment is so well expressed Ellen. Yes there's more to be revealed on our journey! I am very excited about this book. I'm on the last chapter and will have to find more books by Maureen Murdock! Believe it or not this book is 18 years old!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Ellen, La Loba went to a good home. To a dear childhood friend whom I love dearly as a sister.

thesycamoretree said...

"enlighten the world by loving it" - I think this is such an important key! I was engaged in a conversation yesterday about environmental issues, and my argument was that it was useless to tell people what they should or shouldn't do. First you have to get them engaged with nature so they will appreciate it; what you appreciate, you learn to love. And what you love, you will protect and nurture.
I'll definitely have to check out that book recommendation!

Las Magas said...

:) I'll try to look for this book here. Your painting is really beautiful and I agree with Ellen!
Regarding your question, "Estrellas" means stars, and "Muchas Estrellas" means many stars, is what I wish for my friends, as wishing beautiful things, light, success, good I wish all these for you all :)

Unknown said...

Ellen yes there is ink as the under painting, but my medium is egg tempera. I use very fine, small brushes. Using egg tempera is like drawing with paint. It is my passion!

Unknown said...

So very true Bev unless we some how become engaged within our heart and mind it means little to to us. I have eliminated that should word from my vocabulary! Don't should on myself or on any one else!

My elder friend she is 87 years young. I gave her the Heroine's Journey book to read today! We are such good friends and she inspires me greatly. She has read tarot cards all her life!

A number of months ago I read her cards. Someone (unenlightened) said to me what would the cards possible have to for her. I told them you'd be surprised! Look it was the most remarkable reading ever, so full of positive Major Arcana cards! It's was beautiful.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Las Magas!
Are you in Argentina? I LOVE all things Latin. My very favourite artist? Frida Kahlo <3.

Maucas Estrellas...beautiful! Thank you! Wishing you the very same!