Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Hierophant - The Hermit - The Way To Wisdom

In many decks the Hierophant is interpreted as the old order of traditional religious institutions often based on dogma and doctrine. This is not how the Hierophant is seen in the Mythic Tarot.
I relate this mythic figure to ancient wisdom and applying the spiritual teachings of those that can share these teachings with others, who are also searching for guidance.

The Hierophant and The Hermit I see in combination, as they both point the way to wisdom, that of the elder and to the cycle of life, passing on spiritual knowledge and inner wisdom, found through endurance, patience, grace and humility.

Having mentors, both philosophical and spiritual advisors, whether official or not, is so vital to us, especially in our world today where the family unit has been scaled down so much, it is practically non-existent. We have more people single, than married  in addition to an aging population.

Those coupled are having fewer and fewer children, if any at all. Baby Boomers, myself included, are single and childless. They are now endangered of becoming what has been referred to as, "Orphaned Elders" meaning, that, there is no one to advocate or look out for them when they are in need of help or care because they are living longer, without family, and alone. We all need to help one another regardless of our age and need to be prepared for this circumstance and situation.

Our western culture has lost it's sense of continuity, that once was basic to family life, that affirmed values, reflected in the care, concern and respect for our children and for our elders. Many ancient cultures understood this inherently. Unfortunately western society seems to have lost touch with these values. The young, elders and those marginalized, are  to often not regarded as valuable, or seem to be just another part of our  'disposable society.' perception and mentality

 I believe if this situation is not addressed individually or within our society, our culture is in serious jeopardy of losing it's identity, history and even humanity. However all is not hopeless. I believe in the power of the individual to make a difference by reaching out to one another in compassion, if not through immediate family, then through extended family. As human beings we are social creatures and we all have an interdependent relationship with one another and with all living things. We have so much to learn from history, and from those who have gone before, especially from our elders.

Elder - Graphite Pencil - Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

First I love your drawing. This woman radiates a very practical wisdom. gained from living many years.
Loosing our sense of continuity is also caused by the rapid changing of our culture. Nowadays older people can hardly be of any help to their children because the world is do different. When each generation had to cope with the same problems elder people were so much more valued by the younger generations

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Ellen I did it when I was still married to my second husband, almost 20 years ago! It was from The portrait was of a Dene woman in the North West Territories.

That's a really good point, and well said Ellen. When you think about who young the internet is and what this has changed so fast. It's overwhelming really. Things are moving way too fast for me! I'm on slow mo and I like it that way!

Ellen said...

Me too. But I think we both can find our way around the internet just fine :)

Unknown said...

Yes Ellen, and there are probably more than a few old computer geek Hermits we can thank for that fact!