Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Magician - A Little Bird Told Me So...

After such a labouriously long Winter, the Spring is finally embracing us, albeit slowly. Some parts of the Maritimes had snow on the ground just this morning. Spring is a magical time when all seems right with the earth.

There are so many Hummingbirds this year, and I am absolutely enamored and enchanted by them, as they truly are magical creatures to me. If Hummingbirds could talk, what stories they would tell and teach us. Perhaps they would enlighten us about the inner guide they have to survive the journey, incredibly traveling thousands of miles, and what they went through to get here. Their tiny, almost miniscule body is remarkably strong, and these birds seem to have all the tools needed, with some assistance from the nectar of flowers, and from those of us that will provide sugar water in feeders, in order to help sustain their lives. Knowing inherently that she will need the flowers, and perhaps hoping and depending on the sugar water supplied by humans to keep her going, although she has no way of being certain. She simply trusts.

Having all the tools needed to support life is vital and important, but knowing also, that we are interdependent upon one another, upon on all of nature is essential to basic human survival. We also need a strong will and determination to survive and to thrive. It is a known fact if babies are not provided with their basic needs physically, and emotionally, they suffer and die from failure to thrive.

The Magician has all the tools set before him to use for himself, and to offer the Fool. The Magician although he is the inner guide, he is also the Trickster, and isn't always what he seems to be. He doesn't always provide for us, or for himself, all the right answers to our questions. Like us, he is born of light and darkness, in that he has both positive and negative attributes, and we have something to learn from both. Although the Magician urges us to decide, using discernment is where wisdom lies. This is the magic.

The Magician chooses what tools he will offer, just as the Fool has a choice to accept the tools offered. Things are not always as they appear. Like the Hummingbird, if we didn't know about the ability of this little bird, we would never have imagined something so small, would ever be capable of having such a strong will and determination.

We are all little birds in a big sky, not big birds in little sky. There is magic there to be found within ourselves, but not to be found independent from our environment and others that will help us to find that inner wisdom. It is up to us to accept what the inner guide offers, and we need to have the same will and determination found in that tiny magical Hummingbird.

Hummingbird - Catherine Meyers Photo

The video I have posted is of a rescued baby Hummingbird that this very kind fellow eventually released back into the wild, after nurturing the baby to health. That magical inner instinct kicked in upon release, and the bird came back to visit. It is a beautiful remarkable testament to the bonds between humans and  natures creatures that can happen based on trust and love. The sweetest thing ever, pure magic.


Ellen said...

Maybe this is my second time commenting. Something strange happened
I love this video and of course your lovely picture of the bird. They look like little helicopters hanging in mid air.
"we are interdependent upon one another," This is good to remember since I am such a Hermity person. Everybody and everything is connected like the threads in a web

Unknown said...

This is the first time I've seen your comment Ellen.
Something about these little birds just warms the hear.They are so sweet and fragile, and yet so strong. Itf makes me think about how we fragile life is and how humans are so vunerable. We all need to help one another in order to be strong.