Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wheel of Fortune - To Everything There is a Season

I compare life to a garden. Both gardening and life are about growing and learning.

As the gardener. I have to make sure I've well prepared soil, sowing fertile seeds that can help one another to grow. Then I must tend to my garden regularly by attentively weeding. Then I can reap just what I've sown at the end of the season, barring any happenings like storms, floods and big bug infestations. But that's the thing, there are no guarantees in life or gardening. We have to learn to expect the unexpected.

I'm happy I've drawn this Major Arcana card today, The Wheel of Fortune, and the tenth card in the Tarot,  ruled by Jupiter and the planet of expansion.

This card indicates positive changegrowth, a new phase of life and coming to terms with our own inner journey within the cyclical nature of life, as there is a season and a time for everything.

The Wheel of Fortune urges and reminds me to not be complacent, otherwise the weeds will take over my garden.

Spring is not far away now, just 17 days! I'm really taking notice of the increasing sunshine everyday. I've planted my garden seeds early indoors, the first week of February and now I'm enjoying watching them break through the soil. Even my Christmas Cactus has decided to bare a few beautiful blooms again, which hangs above my big Calla Lily, and just in time for the coming Easter season, my very favourite time of year.

The Wheel of Fortune encourages me to be determined to put ever effort into growing my garden this year and intend to apply the same principles to my life, embracing growth, making changes for the better and shoulder whatever responsibility this entails.


Ellen said...

I love how you have compared living with gardening. I used to love gardening too but now it is up to M to do the heavy work. I do enjoy watching our garden change with the seasons and especially now when the bulb flowers are blooming. :)

Unknown said...

Awww thank you Ellen <3

I'm so exciting about Spring coming and can hardly wait to get out there diggin' in the earth!

I have to plant some gladiolas this year. Yes bulbs are lovely! I bet you have loads of tulips? I mostly have perennials that have been growing a long time. Best thing is getting some plants from friends!

Container gardening is always a great option. Year before last year I had fresh strawberries from a hanging plant...yum! I'll buy another one this year. Last year I bought a lovely container of Italian herbs and have had them growing inside all Winter. I've dried some and they are so good to have for cooking and they smell absolutely divine! Many times I've forced daffodils and had them come up in February in the dead of Winter. Sure does lift the spirits! Yeah for growing gardens!