Friday, March 24, 2017

Ace of Swords - The Double Edged Sword

 It never ceases to amaze me how accurate the cards are each day I draw from my deck. Prior to actually reading the card, I'll look at it and wonder, how does this relate to my present situation? Then upon careful examination it starts to make sense to me, regardless of how I feel about the card or my present state, which has been a very difficult over the past two weeks. The closer I come to the end the more difficult it seems.

 I see Athene's Ace of Swords as a card of power and potential. Like all swords it cuts through muddled thought and gives clarity. This Ace of Swords is even more powerful, because I'm reminded it is a doubled edged sword, cutting both ways.

 There are consequences and actions that happen from ideas and convictions, from people, places and things, which can create suffering, but in spite of, or perhaps because of, it can all result in a new and more viable principle, resolving a situation that will soon come to an end with a successful conclusion.

So, this is good news, and it gives strength enough to know, I can get through the last next four days, because I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel approaching fast. Without going into personal details suffice to know it's something I've never quite experienced before and it's been extremely taxing on my inner resources, but makes me grateful for my faith and I know I will be stronger for the experience.

Some situations in life are certainly not self-imposed, but are created from outside influences we have no power over, due to unforeseen circumstances. It might appear on the surface there is absolutely nothing else to do, but wait for it to come to an end, no matter how hard. What makes all the difference is how I approach it, and my attitude. I have been turning to and relying on a power greater than myself to give me strength to abide the time it takes for resolution and victory.

* Dedicated to my friend Heather, who showed us how to let the light shine out of the darkness.


Ellen said...

O my dear Chathy, gentle hugs come flying you way. There is grace in everything but sometimes it is hard to find. I hope you will get trough these last four days and remember: you are always held

Unknown said...

Thank you dear Ellen. It's so wonderful to have such a friend as you, reaching out across the world to give hugs of comfort<3.

It's been the convergence of events. Lent, the tragic death of sweet, gentle loving friend at 56, who's left behind a loving devoted husband of 34 years and my own struggles over the past two weeks, bring to the surface some intense emotions. Things are put into clear perspective and my faith is strengthened. I know if my faith isn't tested I don't grow, so Lent is a good time for some spiritual exercise. There's nothing pleasant about it for sure, but like you say there is Grace, and for that I'm very grateful.

Thank you so much for your comforting, hopeful and reassuring words. They certainly do help a lot <3 Love and Blessings to you Ellen