Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Seven of Swords - Walk a Mile in My Guile

The Seven of Swords represents the application of mental energy toward what is called guile.This word caused me to look up it's meaning, which is often defined as having a negative connotation, related to treachery, lies, deceit and dishonesty to gain a desired end.

This card shows Orestes creeping into the palace at Argos, and about to commit matricide.
That said , the Seven of Swords gives a more accurate portrayal, and embodies the word guile. Here it is ambivalent in it's meaning, neither positive nor negative. Depending on the situation, and the individual's intentions, this is what the definitive answer is based upon. The Seven of Swords is calling for using brain over brawn.

I tend to like this definition of the word guile, from the Oxford Dictionary.

"Sly or cunning intelligence: he used all his guile and guts to free himself from the muddle he was in."

Most everyone at one time or another has had to use their guile and guts to free themselves from their muddles. I know I certainly have, on more than one occasion. Life can often require us to do this, where we need to be cautious, and sometimes the means can justify the ends, regardless if there exists a question of whether it is wrong or right. In some instances it may very well save our lives, or possibly the life of someone else.

I am not referring to destructive or immoral, manipulation, using or taking something good, and making it bad for our own purpose, especially when it involves taking advantage or victimizing others who are innocent. 

We may find ourselves feeling uncomfortable and conflicted ethically, but sometimes life may require that we develop the attributes of compromise, in order to survive, or to be successful. 
Taking the tactic of bullying our way through, will guarantee that we will achieve nothing. Or we can choose  diplomacy, tact and wit, as being the better option, that will likely prove to result in a best outcome.



Ellen said...

I can definitely relate to the fact that sometimes we have to have the guts to use guile. Sometimes exaggerating can be enough to bend the the truth a little bit in our advantage. What also stands out in the Seven of Swords is the loneliness of the character. He has to do everything alone so he is more likely to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Unknown said...

Yes he is a lonely soul in his desolation. But he has isolated himself and made enemies along the way. Fortunately we don't have to do this and we aren't alone, if we can have the courage to reach out to others for help. False pride is a killer. I'd probably be dead if I hadn't have reached out for help.

Ellen said...

After my husbands stroke, I had to learn how to reach out for help too but it still (after so many years) doesn't come natural :)

Unknown said...

I sure empathize Ellen. It's the way I was brought up. You do what you can on your own. I can still be very much this way and it has gotten me into trouble in the past. I ask for help now, but I still feel like I am going against the grain.