Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eight of Pentacles - Apprentice of Life

Sometimes I find myself often thinking about the same thing. I keep returning to a certain reoccurring thought or concern. I believe this is a result of having lessons I am still attempting to learn, only on a deeper level. I also think it is an indication that I haven't completely mastered the skill of letting go of something that needs to be addressed. I really don't mind being an apprentice, because I have learned that it is important to involve myself in life long learning.

Daedalus is portrayed here once again as the apprentice. He is diligently working hard at his skill through dedication, and having a focused energy toward the tasks at hand. There is no sense of instability, but perhaps a sense of being in a kind of mid-life crisis, as he has already been an apprentice and has achieved a level of success.

He is perhaps feeling a bit stuck, as he is already established, but there is still work ahead. This card indicates being a quick study. A commitment to and application of hard work and effort there is reward gained in even stronger work habits and circumstance, resulting in positive growth, change and success.

At some juncture in everyone's life, we hit some kind of mid-life crisis which leaves us perplexed. Depending on the attitude we have approaching this phase of our life, will determine it's outcome. Having a positive and enthusiastic attitude, I believe will make all the difference. We are all apprentices of life.

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