Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Empress

The Major Arcana card of the Empress or Demeter follows and completely trusts her inner voice, vision and values. Her connection to the good earth is deep and strong. She loves passionately, lives by her instinct, and intuition.

Living a life of abundance and growth is paramount to her, as she is the Mother of all and desires to provide for her children who dwell on the earth both spiritually and physically.

The Empress urges us to listen to our own instinct, and to the practical wisdom of nature. If we do not, we can loose our way, becoming bitter and resentful.  She reminds us that the cycles of life are always changing; we must accept and adapt to beginnings and endings.

The Empress is the Wild Woman, the Wolf Woman, La Loba the one who howls, and finds her own pack.


Ellen said...

Ah, my favorite card of this deck. She represent the Great Mother to me too. Wild Woman....How I long to howl out loud to the moon with her and her pack. I am glad I do believe she even hears the faintest attempt to make a noise :)

Unknown said...

What a great comment Ellen! Keep on howlin'! <3 :)