Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Moon - Hecate The Goddess of Enchantment

Drawing the Moon card gives me a very good feeling. I've always been in love with the Moon. I think it may have something to do with the fact my Moon is in Pisces, according to my astrological chart, which makes intuition my best friend when I am right, and my worst enemy when I am wrong. Oh how true it is!
My Gemini Sun sign causes me to perhaps appear as a little eccentric or what I call a little wiggy.
The faces of the Moon is associated with self-esteem or one's identity, but I am quite comfortable in my wigginess, and don't much care about what people think. My loyal friends accept me as I am.

Finally the full moon is coming up this first week of March, on the 5th. I don't know exactly why, but I feel relieved and am looking forward to it. It has to do with the unconscious and intuition, which I am feeling very connected with these days. I've been trusting both more, and with more trust, comes an increase in intuition.

There is nothing certain in this card as Hecete, the goddess of the Underworld, and Apollo’s twin sister as Artemis, embodies confusion, uncertainty, the changing faces of life involving past, present and future, even the dark night of the soul, which we all experience at some point in our lives. From out of our confusion, the crab of truth will emerge.

Hecete controls the hidden things of nature. The light over her head symbolizes how she illuminates and brings wisdom, through faith and hope.

      The Moon

      ND, like a dying lady lean and pale,
      Who totters forth, wrapp'd in a gauzy veil,
      Out of her chamber, led by the insane
      And feeble wanderings of her fading brain,
      The moon arose up in the murky east
      A white and shapeless mass.
      Art thou pale for weariness
      Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
      Wandering companionless
      Among the stars that have a different birth,
      And ever changing, like a joyless eye
      That finds no object worth its constancy? 
      - Percy Bysshe Shelly


Ellen said...

""with more trust, comes an increase in intuition."and so on and so on. It is good to notice you are definitely spiraling upwards my friend.
This is a beautiful depiction of The Moon. Hecate is a Goddess which has always intrigued me, especially as the embodiment of the the dark moon. I always observe the moon cycle and try to give it a moments thought and draw some cards to it. Personally I feel the most connected to the dark and the new moon.

Unknown said...

Very happy to have your feedback Ellen. Viva la difference!

I had a friend who knew a lot about Greek Mythology. I always wondered why she called her black cat Hecate. Now I know! :)

thesycamoretree said...

Shelly's poem is so sad to me! I am a moon lover too, so I wanted to send you a more positive poem about her:

Grandmother Moon

Without the glare of city lights,
The darkness surrounds me
As I drive home late at night.
Into my mind creeps
A trickle of fear.
Then, above me I see
Grandmother Moon in the fullness of her glory.
Like the Creator's protective eye,
Her gentle glow never leaves me.
I feel the love of the Divine
Surround and enfold me,
Like a warm, soft cloak,
As I am guided home.
- B.K.

Unknown said...

Thank you Bev for the poem. Yours??? Very lovely.
Shelly was a rather tormented Romantic soul in some ways, and never got any recognition sadly not until after he was dead and gone. But he was greatly admired by many. He was a very interesting individual, and really I think was ahead of his time.
This poem might be considered Goth today. You know he was very influenced by Thoreau and the renowned feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.

thesycamoretree said...

Shelly was a tortured soul, but he sure could use words to paint a picture - quite a wordsmith. And yes, I wrote the poem about 20 years ago. :)

Ellen said...

You're quite a wordsmith too :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Bev :) Your poem is beautiful and yes very positive! I always fall for the dead guys! lol Really, Shelly, Thoreau, Keats, Yeats, Thom Thompson, and the like.

Your poem reminds my of a painting I did many years ago, I called the Mother's Prayers Are Carried To The Grandmother.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen :) <3