Wednesday, March 11, 2015

City Stories With The Winnepeg Tarot Company

Matt Myers-Art Nouveau Tarot Deck

One thing I absolutely adore about the Tarot is the combination between the design, illustration, art, artists and the cards. Here is a wonderful project that took place in the City of Winnipeg, Canada.
It is a perfect example of how the cards directly involve story and artists.

City Stories with the Winnipeg Tarot Company from Winnipeg Arts Council on Vimeo.


thesycamoretree said...

This was lovely - thank you for sharing it. :) I like that the payment for the readings was to share a story. And they are so right about tarot encouraging people to talk and share parts of themselves. I've never heard of the Winnipeg Tarot before, but what's with the big shoes on all the people in the cards? :D

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoyed that Bev. I loved it. I never noticed the big shoes. LOL Very observant of you!
Winnipeg is kind of like the cross cultural apex/ mecca of maybe the big shoes are in reference to having big shoes to fill? Who knows. Maybe the person who illustrated them has a foot fetish! LOL