Friday, March 13, 2015

The Queen of Swords-Warrior Woman

This Queen of Swords impresses me very much, and simultaneously she does not. I am not so drawn to her, like I am the Queen of Cups, that lives life from the heart and intuition. Nonetheless I admire The Queen of Swords greatly.

This Queen, strikes me as being distant and aloof, sometimes appearing cold to others. Her  intellect, and ability to always maintain an objective, detached perspective, takes precedence over her emotion. Don't be fooled though, she feels deeply, and is a very passionate, compassionate woman. Her aloofness is really her armor that protects a very tenderhearted broken heart. She is really a wild woman in the sense, that she walks her own path and is her own person. Still waters run deep, and what appears to be, may not be all there is to the story, as much lies beneath the surface, within the depth of this woman's personality.

There are always occasions and circumstance that this kind of detached approach to life is positive. This can be problematic, if an individual is implicitly devoid of feelings and subjectivity, this leaves a person suspect, relying solely on empirical evidence of things unseen, such as intuition, the psyche and love. It makes for difficult intimate trusting relationships.

You will not win in a war of words with this Queen, and you don't want to cross her, as she will cut you with her quick wit, and sharp tongue. She expects much from others, like she does from herself. This can be manifested in a character defect as perfectionism, and having unrealistic expectations of others, that they can not idealistically live up to.

Inherent in the Queen of Swords seems to be is a lack of trust in the self, in others, and in the God of her own understanding. Reason, rational thought, and logic are the tools she uses to solve her problems, and how she reaches her conclusions. It is difficult for her to let go of her rational mind, and to take that leap of faith that is a prerequisite for trust.

Understand that I am somewhat biased, and admittedly a bit jealous of her ability to be so intellectually, rationally strong and emotionally detached. I know I am not so much like her, but she has some very admirable personality characteristics I relate to, and I try to emulate and adopt her mental strengths, and her positive traits.

The Queen of Swords is a very strong warrior woman. She is the embodied mythic figure of Atalanta the Huntress, who in the past was dealt a bad hand of cards, regardless, she has thrived, not in spite of all these struggles, but because of them. She has developed an internal fortitude, that has given her an independence and the self-reliance to take care of herself. In this way she is very close to my heart, as I have known and know, many beautiful strong woman like her, and I identify with her very much.

Wolf Woman-Catherine Meyers

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