Monday, March 16, 2015

The King of Cups - The Guy With The Big Heart

The King of Cups (Orpheus) is a deep feelin' kinda guy, and he has a very big tender heart. Helping others is what he most values above all. Being both priest like and healer, with a generousity of spirit, people might think they can take advantage of him. They would be very much mistaken, as he is neither unintelligent nor naive. Often folks equate the ability to feel or display deep emotion, particularly in men as weakness. This is not true, it is in fact a strength.

This loving and compassionate King fills his life with creative activities like poetry, music, art, that speak to, and touch the soul. He is open, honest, and wants to help others in what ever way possible. Living life by way of the heart, enables this King to be an example to others, he is a leader for change, making the world a more compassionate place.

He urges us to pay attention to matters of the love and the heart, as it is truly the most important thing in our lives especially, through relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the God of our understanding. We are all interconnected to each other and to the earth.

In Greek mythology, Orpheus is described as being the wounded healer, because he cannot seem to help or heal himself, which is a dichotomy. He is disconnected from himself. Many people who are in the helping professions are the same, but they cannot go on this way, as it is an imbalance, and can lead to burnout or ill health.

At some point I'd like to think that King Orpheus will get himself into recovery of some kind, in order to heal his wounds, so he can be the best kind of healer and priest that can have the kind of intimate relationships he so longs for in his life. This recovery is about making a kind of soul bargain, that Deepak Chopra  speaks of in his book, Path To Love. A soul bargain means we have a trust and faith in things unseen, believing that there is a greater good that loves and cares for us, and that there is a plan. This faith will enable Orpheus to let others into his heart, allowing them to love him, as he loves.


Ellen said...

"the wounded healer", I can relate to that. It is so much more easy to help others than to heal myself. I can hardly hold on to my beliefs at the moment so I hope God will hold on to me. :)

Unknown said...

((((Ellen)))) I too was this way for many years, and I knew it but couldn't seem to do anything about it until through the Grace of God I found the 12 Step program. I probably would have been dead otherwise. I was working in the 'helping' profession with adults and young offenders, so as you can imagine I was very unhealthy.
I've heard it said if you can't find faith borrow someone else's. I always liked that.

Love and prayers to you sweet friend <3

thesycamoretree said...

Your lovely post made me think of a quote from "As Bill Sees It:"
“Believe more deeply. Hold your face up to the light,even though for the moment you do not see.”

Unknown said...

I love that little book. I vaguely remember that quote. I think I need to read it again more regularly. That is a beautiful quote. Thank you for that Bev. <3

Ellen said...

Thank you for understanding.

Unknown said...

Your a very welcome Ellen. We have different experiences but we can still relate to the feelings.