Monday, March 30, 2015

The Sun Vs The Rain

Spring is favourite time of the year, and one of my favourite cards out of the 22 Arcana, is the Sun.

I can not think of a more hopeful positive card that speaks of the life force. I couldn't have drawn a better card today, as my dear friend, lost another dear friend. It is a big loss for her, and especially for her friend's family.

We would never survive without the rain, and the sun. They need one another, and this is why things grow.  Well that's obvious you might think, but my point is we also need them both, like we need light and dark, life and death. The Sun transforms our darkness into light.

In order for human beings to love, and appreciate life, and how we cherish those we love, death gives life meaning.  We are filled and left with precious memories of the essence of those we hold close, in the small of our of hearts. This closeness can't be taken from us, and stays with us always. Those we love, live deep within in our hearts, always, and the sunlight of the Creator shines upon them, and like the sun, they watch over us.

No one wants to see another hurt or suffer. Death is something we all experience, it causes us to be acutely aware of our own mortality, and we must let those we love, go. Even though we know death is a part of the cycle of life, it doesn't make it any easier when we go through this experience. I think most of us would agree, that death itself isn't so difficult as suffering.

I know it may seem strange to be talking about death when the Sun card is so life affirming, but there is always the another side to every milestone in life, and with every card. The celebration of life is what I take from the Sun, with the knowledge that I can also accept death as part of life, even though I don't much like it, I believe there are worse things than death.

The story in Clarissa Pinkola Estes book, Women Who Run With The Wolves called Skeleton Woman has helped me to better understand death. I can't say we are exactly friends, death and I, but we are not enemies either, so that's a good start I think. In the mean time, I can, and will enjoy the sun, and all that is has to offer and give.

Skeleton Woman - Egg Tempera, 2011, Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

Perhaps Death is even more painful for those left behind then for those who died.
I like it that The Sun comes after The Moon in the Major Arcana so he can shed his light over the darkness, the fear and the illusions.
Your painting is beautiful Catherine! I like your style very much. It is so pure and colorful

Unknown said...

I would certainly say that is true, it is much harder for those of us left behind. Yes the Moon I was thinking of too.

Thank you very much Ellen for your kind comments. :) <3