Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ace of Pentacles - Winter Blues Vs Spring Fever

Poseidon the fertility god, is embodied in the The Ace of Pentacles. He's the Earth Mother's main squeeze,  the general manager, and lord of the universe. He makes things happen, and shakes things up, with new creative visions, and material creation, and achievement.
This card  also indicates scratch, moola, cash, or some kind of material  success, and that growth is on it's way.

I know I have been fighting the Winter Blues, coupled with my fear of financial insecurity as an artist, because there are always more expenses in Winter, and being an artist is not such a lucrative profession, unless you are an artist like Damien Hirst. But Winter really is soon going to be over, and being the end of month, I finally got some dough, which certainly is a welcome site in my mail box. Happily, am now finding my art blog is at long last, starting to make me a little money that is trickling in, which is very promising, after working diligently at it, for 7 years.

I was so grateful this morning to see my neighbour plowing my long lane out again, after another storm  from yesterday. I was so happy to see him, because after what for me was such a very long month, in spite of it being the shortest month of the year, I am going to be able to get to town tomorrow.

I put some much needed transmission fluid into my car this morning, that I bought yesterday at the store. I call my car Margret. She stopped doing the 'The Shake' and seems to be behaving in a respectful manner again, for now. The old gal has a some high mileage, so I don't have any unrealistic expectations of her.

 Not much wonder I have been feeling shack wacky. When I got out on the road very early yesterday to go to the local country store, before another storm arrived, it was then I realized I hadn't been able get out of the house, just to the store in Advocate, since February 4th. I mean, I could go outside, but with the frigid temperatures and storms, I wasn't going out to frolic in the snow and risk nostricles! The shortest month was beginning to feel like the very longest, but Spring is just 22 days away!

The Ace of Pentacles has an very hopeful, positive message for me today. Something has shifted, and that I can actualize the promises of creative vision, material creation, and achievement.
My thoughts are no longer of Winter Blues but of Spring Fever!

Wild Flowers- Egg Tempera, Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

Wow, Catherine those flowers are so beautiful! I could easily pick them from the paper in put them in vase.
I am so happy to hear you feel the Spring tinglesl in your belly. Today the sun has come out here too. it makes the world so much more joyful and colorful
Have a great weekend

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen :)

I got to town today. It was a beautiful sunny day, and every one I came across was in a positive mood, anticipating and more than ready for Spring. I even got called an enternal optimist. Rrrehheeally ;) Sure didn't feel that way so much last week! Tomorrow I will be seeing the little ones I am a Nanny too and we'll play with the puppets I made them for Christmas. Really need some puppet play! Yeah puppet play!

Enjoy your weekend Ellen and thank you for just being you! <3