Friday, February 6, 2015

Ace of Wands - Inspiration Vs Motivation

The Ace of Wands is a welcome card this morning, as it is embodies the well spring of creative energy, and is all that individuals can ask for, especially when taking on creative endeavours. Like all Aces, it brings new beginnings with raw energy. Here is abundant growth, imagination, and inspirational vision propelled by that abounding energy.

Indicated in this card, that the goal may be difficult to attain, and has not yet been manifested in reality. Most important though, is that we move forward with confidence, and take the risk, whether we reach our goal or not. There will always be a next time.

Many folks will say, I just can't seem to get inspired, or I need to be inspired to create. Personally I know I don't wait for inspiration. I believe it is always there at the surface. Motivation and inspiration follow not necessarily in this order, but I do need to get started, to keep at it, and follow through.

The bottom line is, I know no one else is going to do it for me. I am the only one responsible for doing the creative work necessary to actualize my creative vision, and I would get nothing accomplished if I waited to get motivated or inspired. That said, I think I was born inspired to be creative, because inspiration comes from the soul, and I am following the creative path to where I want to go. My motivation is more about the discipline to get the work done.

I have read that motivation and inspiration are very different. Motivation is an external  push and inspiration comes from spirit and is an internal pull. I do believe this is true. However I can be inspired to create internally, but it doesn't mean my inspiration will be obviously manifested or apparent, perhaps it's hidden for one reason or another. We can't always feel inspired. This is when motivation can pick up the slack, and is the back up for me to follow through. Ultimately I think inspiration is the catalyst for my motivation.

What inspires and motivates you?


Ellen said...

I love the quote! So true!
Inspiration is always there. Just like God(des). it is us who close the doors and windows and then complain about the dark! :)

thesycamoretree said...

Inspiration is what can make me hop out of bed in the morning instead of drag myself from under the covers. :D I do think I must be a part of the effort though, as you implied. I need to be open to meeting new people, reading books I wouldn't normally read, being open to opinions and ideas (other than my own), and looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way" had some wonderful suggestions in it. :)

Unknown said...

That is for sure Ellen. Gotta keep the head lamp on!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Bev. Honestly, Julie Cameron's book changed my life by helping me to fulfill and accomplish dreams and goals. I love her so much. I went riding horses at 40, for 2 years for coaching, leaving my long time job of being a Youth Care Worker. I even managed to have this training paid for!
I'd longed to be close to horses since I was little.
Then going back to University to finish my BFA as 56. If someone would have told me that I'd be able to do this, I'd never have believed them! Two of the most wonderful life changing experiences. I always recommend this book to others especially young women.
Not to mention this book helped me to cope with the death of my mother in 1995, through journaling.