Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nine of Wands - My Reality Check

The Nine of Wands card is all about the darkest hour just before dawn. It's a difficult experience we all go through at some point or another, and it isn't easy. We can choose one out of two actions, throw our hands up in defeat, hopelessly giving up, or we can give it another effort, and find out because of this, we've come out safely on the other side. We often underestimate the resilience, and reserve strength found within the human spirit, and it is important to remember to keep things in perspective. All is not lost, though it may feel this way.

Yesterday I learned about Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The Lakota Oglala ( Sioux ) live here in such dire conditions, that it is compared to a third world country, with 90% unemployment, overwhelming poverty, plagued with addiction, gangs, youth suicide, lack of housing and health services.

Here in the Western world we pump money into the 'war effort', waste billions, expediently exploit natural resources and our environment, seemingly hell bent at devastating life itself.

Our governments and big business have conveniently forgotten a very dark history and legacy that has lead to a genocide of a indigenous people, that is so unconscionable, it is beyond our white Anglo-saxon privileged comprehension.

If you ever need a reality check about your problems, remember the Lakota, and other indigenous people, who are struggling ever day, with unimaginable circumstances and burdens.
Also know, that there is strength to be found in weakness, and there is always hope to be found in despair.

Northern Boys - Graphite Pencil, Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

You are so right Catherine. Lots of our problems are first world problems. There is a deep embedded separateness in humanity, making people think in terms of us and them instead of we. This has caused so many problems for so many people

thesycamoretree said...

Westerners have become the People of Entitlement, wanting our rights but turning a blind eye to our responsibilities. Minority groups, whether racial or ethnic, tend to be those we "don't see." I won't even get started on the irresponsible use of natural resources...

Neopagan Priestess said...

It's true, we can get so engrossed in the unfairness of petty problems at home, when there are much bigger injustices all around us! Good reality check.

Unknown said...

Yes that the word entitlement Bev. I always feel hope because I choose to be but like David Suzuki says we have to be.
Otherwise all is lost.

Thanks so much for your passionate comment Bev. <3

Unknown said...

Yes that's so very true Ellen. It's like, out of sight out of mind. That you Ellen for your compassionate comment. <3

Unknown said...

Yes Kerry, we all get myopic in our very privileged perspective.I always think about what Mother Teresa said about the Western world being so spiritually poor.

Thank you for your caring comment Kerry. <3