Monday, February 9, 2015

The Sun - Transformation

It's lovely to see the sun getting stronger. It's a cold day here in Nova Scotia, and going to warm up tomorrow, a much welcome relief, after trying to get the old wood stove geared up this morning. I felt like I might freeze my granny's preserves!

Psychologically I got warmed up when I drew The Sun, such a positive card, full of powerful energy, in the midst of a Winter deep freeze. I sure can use the positive energy, growth, and contentment, preoccupying my mind these days.

My friend has a business called the Sun, Moon and Stars. I think this is a great name for a gift shop because these celestial bodies go together in the natural order the things. I often can't think of one without the other. They always seem to be grouped together.

 The Bible refers to them in this prediction.

 " And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;" - Luke 21:25 from the King James Version
Hmmm sounds about right these days.

The sky is full of story. Everyone interprets and experiences these stories differently. Traditional ancient cultures were are filled with Mythology and stories about the relationship between  the Sun, Moon and Stars, how they affect and effect the universe, and our world. To some, The Star represents Hope, The Moon Dreams and the Sun Happiness

These three Marjor Arcana cards, The Star, The Moon and The Sun are in successive order, following one another. 
In the Mythic Tarot the Sun, as Apollo as he plays his harp, it is music to our ears, transforming darkness into light and meaning. We no longer are so fearful; it is replaced with hope, faith, and trust. 
Our personal growth and confidence gives the momentum needed to embark on the exciting adventure of transformation.

Mariposa - Butter Fly Woman - Egg Tempera , 2013 -Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

I love your rendition of butterfly woman. She is the most voluptuous butterfly I've seen: a real woman!
Although I love winter, I dislike the grey wet sad days we have here, So l too long for the sun to come out and disperse these depressing thick grey clouds

Unknown said...

Lol Thank you Ellen. I'll tell you I just such a kick out of seeing the reactions of men when they see this. The painting always makes me smile and laugh. A women said she thought the breasts were to "perky" I said it was just wishful thinking. ;)