Monday, February 23, 2015

Strength - "Learn to live in the springtime of life."

Oh boy God give me strength, is definitely my prayer today! Without going into personal details, it's been a difficult week. I certainly have faith my prayers are being answered, but oh not fast enough! But I don't have control over that as much as I wished I did. Like my grade nine Geography used to say under her breath, before we completely drove her over the edge. "Patience is a virtue."

We had more snow this morning, the power went out again today for two hours, and tonight it is going down to a freakin' freezin' yer grannie's preserves, -36. I'm grateful the power didn't go down when it was starting to get dark, cause I am running out of candles! One nerve left a old man Winter, and you're on it!

Meantime, I decided, during the two hours without power, I would study my personal reading, that I did yesterday for myself. I carefully went through  each card with my Mythic Tarot workbook to connect the dots. I had just scratched the surface with my intuitive reading, but was on the right track.

Today I was really in need of some guts. Or if you prefer intestinal fortitude, strength. After close reflection and study of each card in my personal reading, I found it to be extremely strengthening and empowering. Not that is surprises me, because the cards always give me strength, but it was pretty darned amazing. My reading has helped me a lot. It clarified things, and will give me strength to get through the next few days, and it can all really can be summed up in the Strength card, that I have drawn today. The Strength card urges me to have courage, strength, and self-discipline in order to be successful, and to get to a place of transformation, within the next three to six months. I have work to do, a little at a time, which is a good thing, because it would be easy for me to get overwhelmed, and self-sabotage.

We all have our own road to walk , and I want to think it is a road where it is always springtime.
In my book of Sutras,  I wrote this down from one of my daily readings books, Twenty -Four Hours For Everyone. I don't know who said it originally, but I love it.

" Learn to live in the springtime of life"

The Red Road - Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

What a wonderful quote!
"to get overwhelmed" our famous pitfall:)
I hope this Strength card will give you the patience to wait for your prayers to be answered. God(des) has often a different time schedule:)
Warm Hugs

Unknown said...

Thank goodness my days of feeling really overwhelmed are few and far between.
God time yes...I think it's a lot like what my first Nations brothers and sisters call "Indian Time" :). Happens, when it happens!

Warm hugs back!