Friday, February 13, 2015

Knight of Pentacles - Nectar & Ambrosia

With the arrival of Valentine's Day tomorrow, the Knight of Pentacles seems appropriate, on the day before.
I think many women admire this Knight of Pentacles. He is the Aristaeus, known as the " Guardian of the Flocks". The Earth Mother Demeter, fed him nectar and ambrosia as an infant. I can only imagine what that is! He's a real humble farmer, who loves the good earth. He's kind, responsible, steadfast, and always follows through on what he starts.

I'm of the belief most women want more than a country squire, steady and responsible, but that's just my opinion as I spent too long lovin' the bad boys, who never seemed to know how to love me back the way I needed. I have loved the country, Knight of Pentacles type in the past, but got bored after a while. Now a days a well rounded balanced type of individual is my preferred ideal, to admire, and desire. Unfortunately they are hard to find.

More importantly, I need to strive to be that person who could be loved by another, reflecting the personality strengths of all the Knights in my own personality, and being able to have a loving relationship with myself, before I can expect someone else to fulfill the well balanced, desired qualities found in the Knights.

I heard someone say today, Valentine's Day is really not so much those who have the ideal romantic, loving relationship, but for the brokenhearted. In many ways agree with this. Saint Valentine's Day is not about hearts, flowers sentimental schmaltz. Saint Valentine who lived in the 5th century, and there were several of them, was martyred, and very little is really know about him. Fiction seems to supersede fact, and it is actually thought that perhaps Gregory Chaucer may have invented Valentine's Day.

Well regardless, it's hard to resist flowers, chocolate, and love for that matter, and who would want to? So this Valentine's Day I am wishing you much ambrosia, the nectar of the gods. I have no idea what it is but it sure sounds good!


Ellen said...

My ambrosia is for Valentines day is milk chocolate with hazelnuts! :)
I've just read the blogpost about having a loving relationship with yourself and I agree, although the little voices tell me otherwise, caring for myself and loving myself is perhaps the most important decision I've made in my life. And although late, it is never too late!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you treated yourself Ellen!
I visited my sweet friend. I am a nanny to her kids I love her and them so much, and boy and a girl five and seven. I got hugs and kisses, a cup cake and a heart shaped chocolate cookie. When I got home I made myself a delicious pot of tea with cream. Awww heavenly, and quiet ambrosia -ish!
I admit I pined a bit for a Blue Valentine.
But yes it's never ever too late to love yourself. The most important person of all!
I'll always call myself up and ask myself out for a date, put on a little mood music! ;)

thesycamoretree said...

Your "Valentine" post made me think of the lyrics in Chris Daughtry's song "Witness:"

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Hollowed out and feeling uninspired
The question I keep asking is
What will it take to ease your worried mind
Your worried mind

Now you're letting your confusion take control
And lead you down a dark and lonely road
Even that won't last forever
Just look around and see you're not alone
You're not alone

Does it feel like you're just wasting time
Here without a reason or a rhyme
The answer you've been looking for
Is standing right before your weary eyes
Your weary eyes

If you ain't finding love but you're still not giving up
Can I get a witness?
If you're down and out but you still wanna live it up
Can I get a witness?
And if the weight of the world is on you now
But you know you can turn it all around again
Can I get a witness?
Can I get a witness?

Las Magas said...

Hi Catherine! Beautiful post and very interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your reflections, these are inspiring and supporting. Muchas Estrellas for you, my friend!!!
P.D.: we never know, what (or who) is awaiting for us just round the corner of the street :) ♥

Unknown said...

Right on sister! Always loved that song! Thanks Bev!

Unknown said...

Awww thank you so much for saying so Las Magas!