Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Devil - In The Details

We got off pretty darn good compared to others in the Maritimes, after the great big snow dump yesterday. Some folks got 100cm in a week.
Oh boy, seemed if there was anything that could go wrong this morning, is sure had a good kick at the can. Feeling good now that things worked out, and my good neighbour came, and plowed my driveway. After I shoveled, got myself dug out, and after jumping through a number of hoops, I finally got something to eat around 1:30 p.m. I made myself some bacon and eggs with homemade biscuits and piping hot coffee.  Ahhh what comfort. If you can't take good care of yourself who will?

So I ask, why does all this crap happen? Like Harold Kushner's book, I also ask the question, Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? Is it the devil? Does God not like me? I don't believe in the Devil the way he is often depicted and thought of traditionally in our Western culture. The Devil nor God have nothing to do with these events. I don't have any pat answers, but you know, life is difficult enough without the darn Devil added to the mix, or blaming God. The Devil is in the details of life and is my monkey brain. . These details can either drive us down into the pit, or make us stronger. Focusing on the positive and being grateful for the simple things brings happiness and lightens our burden.

 I try real hard to remain the eternal optimistic. I have faith in my Creator and in myself. I manage to get through the storms and other irritations of life. Don't get me wrong it isn't easy. Life is not easy. But it is easier accepting life on life's terms, rather than being burdened with a big messy living problem, not having faith..

Often when this card comes up in a reading, people get jittery, full of dread and fear. It is a card about bondage to people, places, and things, that we allow ourselves to be controlled by. If we have hit a bottom and we are sick from these things controlling our lives, mentally, physically, or spiritually, we can choose to reach out for help or we can choose to try and fix the problem using our own willpower. Sometimes this works, some times not, depending on the kind bondage we are in.

Take the disease of alcoholism. Willpower just doesn't work in this situation, nor with any other kind of disease, in thinking that if we simply exercise our willpower, we will be able to overcome our affliction. Try willpower next time you have diarrhea. Good luck with that.


Ellen said...

"I can't stop the rain
From falling down on you again
I can't stop the rain
But I will hold you 'til it goes away"
I think that is what God(dess) does.

Unknown said...

That's a beautiful thought Ellen and I believe that in my soul. We may feel or think we are alone and on our own. But She is always with us. <3