Saturday, February 21, 2015

Four of Swords - Contemplation Vs Shack Whackiness

Here's Orestes, sitting peacefully in front of the patterned swords. He's contemplating, and I would love to know what is going through his mind. Having gone through some really tough times lately, he is in serious need of a time out, to recharge his batteries, to get a re-boot and an oil change!
The Four of Swords indicates, it's time for break.

In the Winter, there are many forms of being shack whacky, and simultaneously, if you are going through tough times like Orestes, you have to try and work with what you have, going with the flow, whatever you want to call it, until you can get your mojo workin' again. I think this is the secret to marshaling run away thoughts, and putting some order into the chaos of life, which by the way, with me, exists mostly if not all, in my in my mind. Whether it be through meditation, prayer, creating art, writing, reading, going for a walk, talking to a friend, playing with your cat or whatever works, I say do that!.

Thank goodness Spring is only a month away. Not being a person who partakes in Winter outdoor activities, my natural tendency is to withdraw, and become introspective inside my house, close to the wood stove. So the Four of Swords suits me just fine right now.

I am not talking about just sittin' around contemplating on my belly button lint, and chanting Om. I am talking about taking advantage of the down time, in order to replenish spiritually, through mindfulness, contemplation and prayer, which helps to keep me calm, and focused on the present, regardless of what is happening. Sometimes this is the only thing to do when the weather seems to be the 'big event' that everyone is talking about right now. I don't want to talk about the weather! I have other fish to fry, and this last stretch of Winter is a real good time for withdrawal and contemplation, that supplies inner resources, to carry me forward.

Yesterday I made a commitment to have a show in June, the week of my Birthday, like I did last year. The preparation for this exhibit will help me to really get focused on my art work, knowing I have a timeline and the commitment. Working on this project right now, will also give more order to my thoughts, and to my life, which the Four of Swords speaks about.

When we are going through difficulties, no matter what they are, we instinctively seek a quiet place in order to take inventory, but often we don't recognize how it is important to value this time for reflection, being caught up in the busyness of daily life.

Sometimes it seems easier just to forget about the whole damn mess, because we'd rather not be reminded, or think about of our difficult circumstance. Avoidance and denial may seem to work for a short while, but is really never, a healthy resolution. We have to deal with it sooner of later. This has certainly been my experience. In the dead of Winter, if I don't take some kind of proactive action, it will simply get me more shack whacky than I already am or worse!

When I lived in Yellowknife, North West Territories we would have what is called the Caribou Carnival in the Winter, on the Solstice, when the sun got stronger,q making for longer, brighter days. It was a good thing to bring people out of their isolation, because we really did get cabin fever. This great gathering would get our minds off our problems, brought everyone together for some fun, because fun break with fellowship is a good break too!

I might go outside, and clear the snow off my car, as it is a lovely sunny warmer day with no risk of 'nostricles' this afternoon! I might even shovel and could even enjoy it, but not willingly. I have a hard time 'embracing' Winter, but today I'll give it a try!

*Two hours later I took action! After I wrote the above, I went outside. I dug a narrow path from my lane out to the mailbox, but the spot where the green super mail box is across the road, isn't plowed out, so no mail. I cleared off my car and dug it out. Warmed up the car. Sounds weird and wonky and was shaking. I think I need transmission fluid. I filled my slow leaking tire.
We are getting another Winter mess tomorrow, but I said I didn't want to talk about the weather.

So I feel better for getting outside, but I didn't exactly have fun.
Good news is, the fellow who plows out my lane will be coming after supper.

Tea break!


Ellen said...

Where would we be without tea and a kind neighbor!!
The Four of Swords is one of my "sigh" cards. It represents my quiet time which can be meditation but just like you've said also so many other things. The day seems always a bit more difficult without a mindful pause and tea

Unknown said...

He couldn't get here to plow, last night, but seems the Mother Nature brought rain and warmer temperatures that knocked some of the stuffing out of the snow drifts. I will have a lane of ice when the temperature dips later...I just have another cup of tea! ;)