Sunday, February 22, 2015

Intuition Is Your Soul

I am really working at developing my ability to do readings by way of my intuition. I have been studying the Tarot for going on nine years now. I was never interested in memorizing each individual card. This is not what makes the good Tarot reader, and is a very boring way to learn about Tarot. Besides, my memory has never been my strong point, and memorization is not learning.

Learning how to develop a relationship with the cards is the best way for me to grow, and develop confidence, as a reader. This is why I draw a card everyday and study it. I become more familiar with each card, and each time I draw the same card,  I see it from a different and deeper perspective. Repetition is the way to learn a skill. It's all about the practice.

It is important to challenge myself in ways that I would describe as being adventurous, that takes me out of my comfort zone, kind of like without a safety net, in that I am not relying so much on my workbooks or what I have studied.

Over the past nine years of learning about Tarot I have tried hard to use my intuition when doing readings, combined with what I have learned through study. I am now feeling I do not have to rely so much on the basic knowledge I have learned in hard copy, through my study, because it has become more internalized, and I can now begin to increase, and use the gift of intuition to interpret the cards. Everyone has this gift. It is not some sort of gnosis that only a select few have. We can all can develop intuition if we trust it. The more we trust our intuitive abilities, the stronger it grows.

Today I decided I would do a reading for myself, the Celtic Cross, completely intuitively. I wrote my the cards down, and each interpretation into my Tarot journal for future reference. I was specific in my question and I got specific answers. It isn't always easy to do a reading for yourself because sometimes it may be difficult to be objective, but I think if you can be objective, it is a great way to practice. I felt good about how a read for myself, as I think my intuitive reading was pretty accurate. I haven't looked yet at my Mythic Tarot workbook to compare what it says, with my intuitive reading.

Here are the ten cards I drew for the Celtic Cross reading. These interpretations are my immediate impressions of the cards. I'll add some more in depth information tomorrow for my own reference and practice. The reading covers a period up to six months.

1. Significator - Ten of Pentacles
I am thinking and longing for stability within my home life.

 2.Crossing Card - Four of Wands
 I am per-occupied with wanting and needing to find the strengths that Jason's friends brought to help him with his goal on the quest for the Golden Fleece.

3. Crowning Card - Nine of Cups
A card of the emotions, celebrating a relationship with myself

 4. Base of the Matter - Queen of Cups
I drink deeply from the cup of life.

5. Past Influences - Eight of Swords
I have been tormented by trouble and struggles in the recent past.

6. Forthcoming Influences - Nine of Pentacles
There is prosperity ahead. I will reap the rewards and recognition for my effort.

7. Where One Finds Oneself - Two of Wands
There is balance in my creative efforts.

8. View of Others - The Fool
Seen as open, positive and optimistic, taking on the challenges that lie ahead

9. Hopes and Fears -Six of Wands
I want the Golden Fleece. I want to grow, to be confident, and  to find adventure.

10. Final Outcome - Six of Cups
I am nostalgic about the past, I accept what has been, the way things are presently, this is what enables me to move forward

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Ellen said...

"my memory has never been my strong point" That was the reason I quit reading a few years ago. I thought I would never be able to remember the meanings of 78 cards.Then I read a book about intuitive tarot reading and it opened the door to my deck wide open again. Combining a solid foundation with your intuition is for me the most effective way to read the card and I think you did a great job.