Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We Are All Worm Poo - Four of Swords

This morning my frustrations caused me to ask a specific question before I drew my daily card. I was feeling impatient. I was wanting the answer to my question to, what I wanted to hear. 

The Creator has a sense of humour.. We might not appreciate that, but it's true, and this is a good reminder, to wear the world as a loose garment, not to take ourselves too seriously or allowing ourselves to be too bothered by what is happening in our own lives, getting our underwear in a big knot.

It is my experience that, if can only focus on being truly grateful, this keeps me humble.
This sounds a lot easier than it is. It takes practice, soul practice I'll call it.

I always remember one of those life changing kind of books I read, The Spirituality of Imperfection by
Kurtz and Ketcham. Ernie Kurtz relayed a story about the root of the words humour, humility, and human. The root of each word is humus, which means worm poo. This made me laugh. It has always really helped me to remember these three words, and to keep them at the forefront of my mind. Applying these words to myself helps me to accept life, on life's terms, which has become my way of living, and as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said:

 And so again today I drew the Four of Wands, twice in one week, with the same message, don't get your underwear in a knot. I smiled and had a little chuckle, and just got on with my day.


Ellen said...

Tarot can be very practical with its messages. It has given me some good laughs. I do hope you can be patient a little while longer. My experience is when you stop waiting and wanting the answer will come.

thesycamoretree said...

When it comes to myself, I am not a patient person. I'm a doer, a fixer and a "plan in motion" type of gal. But I can look back and see where, if I had waited instead of acted, things might have turned out for the better. Or at the very least, they would have been in better shape without my "help." Bev the Bulldozer needs to retire. :D

Unknown said...

Oh I love it, that's funny Bev. 'Bev The Bulldozer' Aww well believe you aren't alone. I was the type that wanted everything yesterday. It's a very frustrating way to be. I am still not the most patient. I really have to work at it. Little by slowly it got better, but I still have my manic like moments! Lol

Hugs and a snog to you Bev!

Unknown said...

And remember Bev...we's all just worm poo! ;) Love ya gal!

Unknown said...

That is SO true Ellen. I have bee really amazed and the Tarot continues to always amaze me how practical it is. Many uninformed and ill-informed folks don't get that or understand that at all and think it all new aged woo woo!

OMG finally I got the relief I was waiting for today. Feeling very happy, contented, and back to being the goddess that I am! LOL