Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Page of Wands - The Prodigal Daughter

I really identify with the Page of Wands and this Court card of the Minor Arcana in the Mythic Tarot is one of my very favourites, symbolizing creative energy and a kind of rebel without a cause, that eventually finds the right road along the journey.Many of us in life feel like this prodigal daughter or son.

 Having a vocation as a Youth Care Worker for 20 plus years was not a coincidence. I remember vividly what it was like being a troubled youth at risk and having a mother who trusted me so much when I was undeserving.. When I finally got into recovery it all started to make sense to me, the idea of the prodigal son or daughter. I was that person, and so I strongly identified with the kids I worked with, and I think it made me a good Youth Care Worker. My mother was the example to me. She forgave me and helped me to understand the importance of forgiveness toward others, and toward myself especially.

Everyone has made big and small mistakes, they may or may not be sorry for or remorseful. but we all need to forgive, and to be forgiven for something. We forgive another not for them, but we do it ourselves, so we don't become resentful which comes from the kind of bitter root that grows and chokes out every aspect of our lives, robbing us of our serenity and happiness..

When I think about forgiving I immediately think of someone else forgiving me, especially my family members. I always hope and pray that my family forgives me for the hurt I have caused them. I know I don't give it a second thought about forgiving them. It isn't always the easiest thing to do for some of us, but perhaps more difficult is the struggle in forgiving those we don't love, who have committed unspeakable atrocities. I know it is sometimes hard enough to forgive and to have mercy  for those we love, let alone those we don't love.

Children and animals seem to be full of the same spirit of loving others who have hurt them, even in the face of undeserved loyalty and forgiveness.


Ellen said...

Forgiveness: food for the thought... I seem to forgive my girls about everything. I think my mother did the same for me, Why then is it so hard to forgive myself and those I don't love. Oops, don't I love myself enough to forgive me?

Unknown said...

That's the human condition I think, especially for women. It's a hard habit to break too, not caring enough for and about ourselves. I've had to work on it over many years and don't think I'll ever get to the point where I am completely 'happy' with me, but continue to try to be gentle with myself. Age helps a lot. If we were completely relieved from this state of mind well, guess we'd be perfect! Until then I have a level of comfort with being perfect, in my imperfection!

If you ever get a chance Ellen, find some books by Anne Lamott, non-fiction. Traveling Mercies is a a great book, and she has others that are really good. She's such a wonderful, spiritual, humourous, salt of the earth, human being, that talks about this stuff. I just love her. What she says I so identify with and I think you would too!

Ellen said...

Thanks Cat.You've made me curious so I searched and found an epub of "Stitches" !

Unknown said...

Oh great!!! I think that might be her latest one. I have read excerpts. Here's a post I wrote a while back about her books.
You can hear some of her talks too on youtube. She writes like she talks and reading her books make you laugh out loud!