Saturday, May 9, 2015

King of Wands - The Heroes Journey

Heroes always never think of themselves as heroes. Like the King of Wands, possesses  the courage of a lion, with such a soft heart. This rather dual character can create serious dilemmas, and can be difficult to overcome, especially when having to do things that may not feel right, and go against the grain, creating conflict within. Emotion and feelings are placed on the back burner in order to do what must be done. This can sometimes cause guilt, shame and sadness or even post traumatic stress in extreme circumstances.

There is so much to admire about the King of Wands, especially his leadership strength, abilities and creative, energetic spirit that he embodies. The character defects, of impatience and his quick temper can get him into trouble. Combine this with the desire to control and manage is problematic. It's one thing to have leadership abilities, but if these are not tempered with patience, calm, and humility, leadership can quickly be interpreted as being overbearingly bossy, only resulting in alienating the very people one is trying to help.

I have know several men and women in my life that I consider heroes and heroines. Ultimately we all have to learn how to be our own hero or heroine and rescue ourselves  from our character defects and strive to have the courage of the lion, while still keeping that soft heart intact, full of compassion for others and for ourselves. We cannot give away what we do not have for ourselves.


Ellen said...

"We cannot give away what we do not have for ourselves." This is a great slogan to promote Self love!!! :D

Unknown said...

It is so Ellen. A common one you hear in recovery rooms.