Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nine of Cups - The Wish Card

The Wish Card. Who could wish for more? My wish is for world peace, for an end of poverty, the elimination of disease and to live in a world free from pollution. That's a lot of wishes I know, perhaps too many. This card causes me I think about the previous card I drew yesterday, The Star, the card of hope.

I'm not one to believe in luck, nor am I superstitious. I do believe in hope, and in the power of faith, hope and prayer because this is what tangibly works for me, not wishing for luck.

The Wish Card is about joy, restoration, fulfillment and blessings that come after heartache, struggle and great disappointment.

The Nine of Cups signifies an inner journey of honesty, that we decide to embark upon, a validation of our commitment and loyalty to our feelings, emotional dreams, and our values, regardless of what has gone before, what is happening presently, and what may come to pass. This is hope. Perhaps The Wish Card should be called the Hope Card, and maybe wishes could be prayers.


Ellen said...

Just yesterday I was talking with my girls about the difference between wishing and praying. Praying is bringing your wishes to the Divine, then let go and let God(dess)
Lately I pray a lot and it is giving me the connection I so desperately longed for. What more can I wish for? :D

Unknown said...

Ellen I am so happy to hear that! I love your definition of wishes and prayers. I would be in rough shape without prayer, or not here at all! Thank you for your great comment!