Friday, September 19, 2014

Two of Cups - Relationship

I spent a good part of the afternoon doing an online Tarot reading for a client. She has actually become a friend, as we have corresponded through email and phone calls. I didn't have a chance to draw my daily Tarot card, and get my post online, as I was preoccupied, allowing myself to become rather anxious, over nothing, as per usual, prior to really getting involved with my reading for my friend. After this was completed, I was happy to call, and tell her reading was completed and I'd sent it off to her in an email.

After supper, I did my other blog post on my other blog and then decided I would do a my usual daily card draw. My immediate question was something entirely different, but decided against that, and asked a question unrelated to my first question which I think was an intuitive because it was what was really in my my heart of hearts. I asked the second question anyway. What came up was the Two of Cups a card representing relationships, personal and business, which was directly related to my the first question.

Once I realized the card was addressing my first question, this caused me to reflect on what it is I love most about reading Tarot cards for people. There are many things, but mostly I greatly appreciate that it gets my focus off of myself, and on to relationship with others. I think this is one of, if not the most important aspect of being a Tarot Card Reader. It builds relationship with others, in an intimate confidential way, that allows the questioner and the reader to open their heart, mind, and soul to another human being, and to themselves.
Tarot allows me to learn something every day, about others, about myself and about life. It's a beautiful thing really.

In the mean time, only I know what my initial question was, and I have got my answer, but that's only for me to know.

Crescent Moon Bear - Catherine Meyers


Neopagan Priestess said...

I love that, too, the depth of connection we can build with others through a reading! I trained as a counsellor, and the see the two as being very similar :) And good luck with whatever your first question was ;)

Unknown said...

Yes NP it is a similar connection. I too was in counselling for 20 years as a Youth Care Worker. So being a Tarot reader isn't such a far stretch as a counsellor of sorts and I think certainly assists you greatly!

Thank you for your comments NP!

thesycamoretree said...

I agree that reading tarot is a way to intimately connect to someone (and sometimes that someone is me!). I absolutely LOVE your Crescent Moon Bear painting. You've got some talent and skills woman! :D

Unknown said...

Oh that is so true I have to agree we make that deep connection to ourselves, and hopefully our higher selves!
Thank you Bev! The painting is based on a Japanese mythic story about a woman and her husband, and a The Crescent Moon Bear who the woman visits far up in the mountains, to get advice. If you Google it you'll find it.