Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seven of Pentacles - Difficult Decisions and Patience

The Seven of Pentacles speaks of hard work, but more consistent effort is needed. Well I've been told! But it is also a card about patience, things will happen, just not now. Oh how I do know about that today, all to well!

A difficult decision is evident in this card, care and forethought are needed, if the decision is the continue to develop what has already been constructed or to put energy into a new project. New project for me!!!

This card makes me reflect about the Autumnal Equinox, and changes in the weather, in the environment, and being a season full of contradiction. I always feel happy and sad at the same time in the Fall. It has always been this way for me. It is a time of nostalgia, bitter and sweet. The smells of wood smoke, and dying leaves are intoxicating. The sights of the Autumn are so sensual, and at the same time almost psychologically threatening, because I know Winter is coming, and it's hard to let go of the Summer. All the challenges ahead of going through those cold, dark and long days are hard to embrace. The changes of the season can speak of finite ending, even though intellectually I know this isn't true.

In many ways it is actually a hopeful time, of new beginnings. But one thing for certain is, it is about change. We reflect on making decisions, and prepare for the season, or at least we need to, and this can seem overwhelming in many ways. We would never be able to appreciate the Spring without the Winter, which has it's own on deep beauty. Just like we can't really appreciate the sweet without the bitter.
Pentacles represent the element of earth and the Winter season. Oh boy I'm getting anxious just thinking about it! Breath in, breath out.

Seven, being a creative number, signifies the opportunity for intelligent, creative, unique action and is associated with perfection. I always think of the seven gifts of the spirit. It signifies waiting for the thing we most want, the unexpected delivery, and represents the waiting for a miracle. That happened today,  another tarot reading client, and my blog reached over 6,000  views, and I have an exciting upcoming art exhibit! Even though it might appear to be a minor thing to someone else, it isn't for me, and I am very grateful!

However being the optimist I am, and having had many years of practicing, and developing the virtue of patience, and thanks to the reminder forever embedded in my brain, from Mrs. Samara, my good natured, grade nine geography teacher, who would always say out loud enough for only me to hear, " Patience is a virtue " and I am still practicing.The poor woman I'm sure our class drove her to the edge. She must have had a lot of patience, as having lived into her late nineties!

And so here's to letting go of endings, embracing beginnings, the change of seasons, difficult decisions,  miracles and patience!


Ellen said...

"letting go of endings, embracing beginnings, the change of seasons" How beautifully put! I am so happy , things are working out great for you. It must be so encouraging to experience these "miracles"!
We are going through some changes too. While still missing Tara very much, M is searching for a new puppy. She needs a doggy to love and hold and to give her life structure.
Autumn is really a time of change for us too
Hugs to you my dear friend

Unknown said...

Thank you dear friend Ellen,

I am happy you are going to have a new furry family member! It will be such a healing for you all! Thank God for little miracles. <3