Saturday, September 13, 2014

Six of Swords - More Than Ready

Well I must say, the Six of Swords is a much welcomed card that I drew this morning. Good news indeed, to see calmer seas ahead, and leaving the turbulent waters behind!

 In this card one comes to terms with their limitations,  possessing a tranquil mind regardless of their circumstance. This is not always easy, and takes practice. What is easy, is to forget that our lives have a pattern of hills and valleys, turmoil and serenity.

What is paramount, is striving to have a deep understanding of the meaning and cycle of life, of human behaviour and how this all relates to us, in order to move ahead into the future. Knowing what road we are on, and why, along with understanding how we got there, makes all the difference. We will be  more than ready for a peaceful passage with self-knowledge and insight, keeping our dignity and self-respect intact.


thesycamoretree said...

You make a good point about the need for awareness and understanding. If I don't understand how I got in the chaos or situation I'm in, I'm liable to move to another place just like it instead of somewhere better!

Unknown said...

Yes that's for sure Bev! I can personally attest to this hard lesson re awareness and understanding that l have learned over the very recent past. Lets just say I'm glad it is behind me! Thank you for your comment!

Ellen said...

This is one of my favorite swords cards. What always stands out to me is that he is taking his six swords with him wherever he is going. It is his different perception (steady waters) of these swords what makes all the difference.
I am glad you have left the stormy waters behind you (for now:))

Unknown said...

I think this is one of my favourite sword cards too Ellen.

Good point about the Swords being with him where ever he goes and having a different perception. Thank goodness for that!
Oh yes the stormy waters will be back for certain. But I am prepared!