Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Four of Wands - Friends

 In this card we see Jason gathered with his friends and shipmates, about to set off for their great adventure to find the Golden Fleece. This adventure of sailing to the ends of the earth is not only daunting, but it is something that cannot be done by Jason alone, and he knows it. This is why Jason gathers his friends around him. Each friend has different strengths, skills and inner resources upon which he can draw.
The Four of Wands like Jason's friends reminds me of the Four Elements, each one bringing it's particular nature.

Drawing the Four of Wands this morning made me wonder, what does this card have to say to me. Then I saw clearly, it speaks about the importance of having friendship with those we can trust. No one is an island, and we all need friends and we need to know how to be a good friend to others, to all God's creatures, and to the earth.

My mother, the very wise woman she was, would say, we can have many acquaintances, but if a person has a few close friends in life, they are very blessed. I have also found this to be very true. We can have long time friends and we can meet new friends that we feel close to, even though we may never meet them face to face, particularly in the age of the internet, meeting people from all over, the world. Many of our old friends we may not see for years but when we are reunited we pick up just where we left off, like we had never been apart, because we are bonded.

As I age I am  more and more grateful for my friends, as they have been and are like family to me, as I would be lost without them, and may never have survived the things I faced.
We have chosen one another. We cannot choose our families, and sometimes we are not as close to our biological family as the friends we choose as family. Friendship is precious.


Ellen said...

Friendship is hard for me. I've been hurt too many times;forsaken when times got hard and difficult, until there weren't many left. Then when my husband had to live elsewhere and my world collapsed, the last few friends and my brother in law left me, not being able to deal with my breakdown. I had to learn to take care of myself and I am proud to say I can. I've become a very solitary person and my blog is one of the first attempts to reach out again carefully and I am pleasantly surprised by the number of kind and genuine people I've met so far, including you

Las Magas said...

Hi Catherine! What a lovely post! It's very true, sometimes blood ties are not so close than with a friend. Yes, friendship is a treasure. :)
Muchas Estrellas!!!!!

Unknown said...

I've learned sometimes the hard way, to be somewhat protective of my heart, but still keep it open.

People do hurt one another. I strive not to be one of them. My unrealistic expectations have hurt me in the past, and poor choices in those so called 'friends'.

Yes, taking care of ourselves emotionally is real important especially if your the sensitive feeling type.

Thank you Ellen I feel the same toward you. <3

Unknown said...

Hello Las Magas! Thank you. I have soul sisters! :) <3