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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Four of Swords - It's Time To Take A Break

The Four of Swords speaks of rest and repose, urges us to seek serenity amidst the storm. It's time to chill, chill-ax and relax. It sounds good, and I do try to do this especially under stress. That's not so easy, but it is the best time to make effort to relax. Often for many of us, we might think, well that's a luxury we can't afford. But I say, I don't think we can afford not to indulge, because as it is known, stress increases our cortisol levels, which increase the risk of disease, and illnesses of every kind.

I have to say, I think of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, that states we have to have our basic needs met first, before we can move forward; needs such as food, safety, love, and self-esteem. I think this is an important consideration, before we are too quick to judge, either ourselves or another, because they don't have the juice to keep going, when the show that must go on! 
Without having our basic needs met, taking the time to recoup and withdraw in stillness and solitude, we cannot 'marshal one's thoughts and order one life. '


Ellen said...

Just this morning I was thinking to pick up my meditation practice again. I love the four of Swords card. Being a very swordy person it is good to lay down my tools to rest regularly,in order to give my mind some peace and quiet. :)
So thanks you for this reminder

Catherine Meyers said...

I just got back into it myself Ellen! I really start to notice a change in my psyche when I stop. I begin loosing my ability to keep a positive focus, as it really gives me a strength, especially in times of trouble. I compare it to making a deposit into my soul savings account, and when I really need that extra help, it's there to draw upon!

Ellen said...

That is a great comparison!

Catherine Meyers said...

:) Here's to savin' soul bucks! <3