Sunday, August 3, 2014

Seven of Cups - Discernment


 Psyche petitions Aphrodite with prayer, for help in matters of love. Aphrodite concedes, and guarantees   being there to help her, but not without making certain demands, and confronts Psyche, who will have to work hard in order to reunite with Eros.

Though Psyche has been given the green light, her fantasy and dreams will not enable this reality. Only with time, dedication to the tasks at hand, and being able to actualize what she desires, is the only way her goals will be realized, and this requires the risk of being humiliated and hurt.

Love always carries risk, and the possibility of getting our hearts broken. We choose what we want to do, and we cannot foresee the future, and there are no guarantees when it comes to love or life.
 In order to make careful decisions, discernment and having a willingness to commit to the work needed to be done, is what will enable us to move forward.

 I don't think love should have to be so difficult. But then again life is difficult, it can be humiliating, and full of suffering, but if we utilize what ever tools we have at our disposal, we are more prepared to face whatever challenges lay ahead. There will always be challenges, and obstacles to overcome, that never changes.

 Love can be scary, and we have to discern whether it is worth the effort or risk, depending on what or whom we think we love and we must be ready for love with much forethought, having an open and balanced heart. We need to make the connections with what we value and hold dear.

I've heard it said that the longest path is the one between the head and heart. Patience, faith, and perseverance will be our light to illuminate our way.



Ellen said...

We've pulled the same card today!! Tarot twins!
I can relate to psyche's dreamy nature and her fear of making her wishes come true but love is the strongest motive of all. Perhaps the one thing able to conquer fear
Great post Chatherine!

Unknown said...

Get outta town!!! Oh my goodness that's wild! We're on the same psychic network ! LOL
That's something else!
Oh my me too Ellen!
Psyche that dreamy dame that she is! I'm in the midst of it right now. I say to myself, I'm holding back to protect myself, then the other voice says oh go on! Jump in!
Nope not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent.
I'm afeared I'll have waded in the deep end while the focus of my attention is still on shore!
Oh geez I had a dream about just that several years ago. It was a strong confirmation and luckily I dodged a bullet! I pray for balance and discernment!