Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ace of Cups - Athene's Owl

Well I don't think there is a card that seems more positive in meaning, upon first impression, as the Ace of Cups. Don't get me wrong there are many positives about this card, but don't be deceived, Athene can have her character defects, and a dark side.

The beautiful goddess is full of complexities, is the essence of feminine beauty, she can also be, just as treacherous, vindictive, jealous, vain, and lazy. She is truly a force of nature, and raw energy.
Athene is the initiating power behind the love story between Eros and Psyche. 

In this card the realm of the heart is apparent, and greatly indicated. This cup is overflowing, causing one to take the plunge into the beginnings of a relationship. The individual is ready to embark on the journey of love, which can be very overwhelming, and in all likelihood, very risky.

Athene rises from the turbulent waves of sea foam, holding the extremely big cup, indicating an upheaval of emotion, in one hand, toward the heavens. The other hand, she holds close to her chest in hesitation, and perhaps resistant caution.

All that said, allowing emotion to rule over our decisions and actions, can be dangerous, leading to hurt, and heart break. Even if the object of your affection is making efforts to initiate interest, this does not mean it's a sure thing. Taking and making, time for relationship over a period of time is prudent, and wise, otherwise love is blind and fool hearty.

 It is best to be like the little wise owl that represents or accompanies Athene on her shoulder, as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and discernment.

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