Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ace of Wands - Energy Abounds - My Inner Turtle


Zeus represents the unseen creative power and energy of the imagination.

It can be difficult to focus on the creative endeavours when you are feeling burdened, overwhelmed, and stressed.

 This is the second time the Ace of Wands has come up in the past eight days.
I've been struggling to get my house in order, and it's been a real challenge finding the energy and trying to get out of my own way. I know it is one of the main reasons I have been feeling stressed and I feel at times I'm living in the "hurry up an wait" world.

 I don't function very well when my house is messy, and I feel that things are getting out of control. I've always equated my state of mind with my surroundings, in that the messy mind, is a messy house, and vice versa. Granted I have been making strides slowly. I'm trying to be patient with myself, with persons, places and things.

 The most important thing I believe, is that I am making steady progress. I worry and have anxiety and get impatient.  So, today I turned it all over to the God of my understanding. This is an important thing for me to do, not just when I am  feeling stressed or in some kind of crisis, but I need to practice a daily maintenance. I compare it to making a daily deposit into my spiritual bank, so I have resources to draw upon, when I really need it. I know my spiritual wellness, is directly proportional to my daily spiritual practices, and maintenance.

 That said, I am excited about my creative endeavours that are slowly starting to spring to life, as the Ace of Wands indicates. There is inspiration, and new beginnings. I know I have the power within, to envision a future potential different than my present reality and am learning to live in the now.

I trust in my intuition, and that new things are possible. I have regained my energy and connected with my inner turtle! Slow and steady wins the race.


Ellen said...

"I'm trying to be patient" That's teh best thing you can do!!!
This is my credo: I will only go as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go. My dear Catherine, as long as things are changing there is progress. I think it is wonderful you are making you daily deposits. I do like the metaphor. I am trying to do the same because I do not want to be needy whiner who only calls when he is in trouble ;D

Unknown said...

"I will only go as fast as the slowest part of me feels safe to go." Oh that's a good one Ellen, I'll be writing that down in my journal! You are a wise woman Ellen. Thanks you for your great comments! So glad I know you! <3

When I drew this card again, I thought what the heck? Why? For a second I thought maybe I should draw another card. But this was just the card I really needed today! I felt better after and had lots of confirmation and your comment was another one.

Ellen said...

LIke wise my friend <3