Friday, August 22, 2014

Ace of Cups - Overwhelm

What am drawn to about the Ace of Cups is all that foaming water, which signifies emotion and turbulent upheaval. As well, that over sized Cup contains all that emotion. It is easy to get carried away in a frenzy of passionate emotion whether they be positive or negative.

 It's a good card for me today, as a clarifying reminder, and confirmation of the state I can get myself into if I don't use the tools I have, to remain in a state of balance. The calm in the midst of the stormy sea of worry, regret, panic and all the rest that we are be confronted within life.

 This card is about relationships and the realms of the heart, but certainly not at the exclusion of the relationship with myself. This relationship I know, needs to be one of real self-care, and self-awareness, in order to have the best relationship I can have with others.

We can have all those tools at our disposal. Thing is, we need to remember to use and apply them. If we can just stay still long enough to listen to that still quiet voice, that is our intuition, if we can just give ourselves a chance, and even permission to take a break, and find that quiet inner core of our being. This is where the source of the calm springs from, and can give solace to the soul, quell that storm of the day, and help us to be ready for that force of nature.

If I don't use these tools to deal with my emotion, my emotion will deal with me. I have learned this lesson the hard way over my life. I still have much to learn.


Ellen said...

Another great post. I always "missed "the overflowing" aspect of this cup as a symbol of Abundant love. But your interpretation of keeping your calm and you emotions safe in times of turmoil (life :)), so we can tend too our relationship with self is wonderful. Maybe this is the real first Ace of cups and the overflowing ones are coming next :D

Unknown said...

As much as I certainly consider and know I am very much a Cup person, emotion drained me in the past, because I didn't know any different. It was either suppressed to a point of being repressed or I was reacting instead of responding. I grateful to have learned to temper my heart with my mind now! Thank you Ellen <3