Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Queen of Pentacles - The Heroine

Here she is again, the Queen of Pentacles. Seated on a golden throne, a dark haired beauty with a sensuously draped russet robe, and a golden crown upon her head. She has something to say to women, and is saying it emphatically. This card has much to say to me presently.

It is said, a woman's hair is her glory, her spiritual power is in her hair, symbolic of fertility and love. I'm not sure about all this, however, in the Tarot, she is our inner Queen full of generosity, wealth, a patron of the arts and charity. She really is the Earth Mother I'd call her.
  She is the Heroine engaged in the journey. The message she has to tell us I believe, can save women from themselves.


Ellen said...

There is something empowering in rewriting your story: changing your perspective of the role you've played. To learn to your responsibility and to step in the shoes of the heroine. This queen like all the queens is a perfect role model for us.

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen for your comments. I agree with you. Re-writing our story with a new depth of insight, that comes with experience is testament to renewal and rebirth and we in turn can generously pass this along to others. I love the Queens!