Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five of Cups - When Bad Things Happen

Here in the Five of Cups we see Psyche in full pursuit of Eros. Her joy has turned sour, she is feeling great loss, and even resentment over unfulfilled dreams and her severed relationship with Eros. This Minor Arcana card that I drew today, is about when bad things happen to good people and how we deal with these events. We can choose to withdraw when circumstances beyond our control manifest in negative, or even destructive ways. When we see the glass half empty, or isolate in fear with cynical contempt toward others or toward life in general, in order to protect ourselves from getting hurt, it is not realistic, how to live a happy fulfilled life.

Things can happen directly to us or to others, and can have a profound affect on our lives. I am no different and have had many difficulties and heartaches that have changed me, and my life.

 I once asked an elder wise woman who had several hardships, why bad things happen, and why it seems some folks have more of their share of hardship, heartache and loss.

She shared with me, that when these events happen to us we become different people. We have the opportunity to be more compassionate toward others, and we can help them to overcome the burdens they suffer. We can become stronger individuals from the struggles we endure. Those who have not had this experience can often lack understanding and compassion, or often do not have the same depth of character. When my friend shared her thoughts, it made a lot of sense to me, and my experience had found this to be true. I saw things differently from this point on.

What happens to us in life of course, and how we respond, I must say, depends on our own attitude, our philosophy, and how we actualize this in our daily life. Remorse over unfulfilled dreams or regret, is simply living in the past. Acceptance of our circumstances and appreciation of life, and all that it has to offer makes the difference.

 If of course we have overwhelming feelings and thoughts, that are affecting our mental health, beyond our control, we have to find and seek help, and those around us hopefully, will help us, to help ourselves. We can not say to people, I know things are difficult, but just  be positive and things will improve, like Pollyanna. It is just not that simple for so many of us.

I cannot help but think of the association Glenn Close helped to initiate called, BringChange2mind or Robin Williams and how he suffered silently with a smile on his face, making others laugh like none other on earth.

 I can't say that we can  prevent another from depression, addiction and any other circumstance or malady. However we cannot stick our heads in the sand, in denial, pretending that is does not exist, or that someone does not need our support, help, acceptance and most of all our love.

Bad things do happen to us, but so do good things, and they are worth fighting for in life.


Ellen said...

It is a real challenge to live up to that quote. That was a wise women indeed. Sometimes I've envied those people with nothing bad happening in their lives but on the other hand they've missed a lot of learning possibilities. The question is: did I want to learn all these things?????

Unknown said...

Good thing is we don't have to be perfect. Life sure as heck isn't! I'd rather learn with my eyes wide open. I believe there is not one soul on this good earth that gets through life without some kind of struggle or heart ache.
Better to be prepared than not! I love learning, even if many have been hard lessons. Those are the ones that stick!

Ellen said...

Well they did help shape me into the person I am today And that's not to bad at all :D

Unknown said...

You took the words out of my mouth! You are a beautiful, strong, humble soul Ellen! <3

Ellen said...

Thank you for you kind words Catherine they made me blush. You are an amazing and wise woman and I am so glad I've met you <3

Unknown said...

You are most welcome Ellen. Oh gosh thank you Ellen, now I'm blushing! :)

thesycamoretree said...

What a lovely post! I am reminded of my mother who has had quite a few bad experiences in her life. But each one just made her focus more on the good, and she opened her heart wider instead of constricting it. I feel lucky to have such a role model. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for visiting! What a lovely surprise, and thank you very much for your positive comments.
Yes, I consider myself very blessed to have a mum that was a wonderful woman and mentor who imparted her faith, strength, and wisdom. I have been blessed to have known other strong and wise women and continue to meet them, like Ellen and yourself who are open, heart, mind and soul. It's a beautiful thing!