Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ten of Pentacles - Stability & Foundation

Life is fleeting, and very often unstable in that we can't control what happens. We don't ever know what the future has in store. I have come to understand and believe the only stability we really have is within ourselves, that flows from the well spring of faith, to find meaning in whatever happens and it is wise to learn about how to develop trust, faith and persistence.

If we are fortunate enough to be blessed with good health, we will hopefully enjoy our lives into an older age. We can come to a point in life, were we don't have to wait until we are an elder to have many lessons learned under our belts, and content and find stability in the now.

Here in the Ten of Pentacles we see an older man, Daedalus, closely surrounded by generations of his family, representing  a dynasty of sorts. He now has a legacy that he can pass down to his loved ones. There is a sense of permanence, security and safety in what he has achieved personally and professionally. He has much to impart to others with wisdom, and perhaps in material possessions, which will endure, and be passed on to others because has built a good foundation from a life well lived.

The Ten of Pentacles is a card of hope and optimism in a world that seems unstable, and without strong foundation.


Ellen said...

Hi Catherine! I've somehow missed your last posts in my Feeds, so I've added your blog again and saw you have been busy :D
I love this version of the ten of P. It highlights good health and contentment with loved ones more then riches and property. Having this stability within is something I experience more and more. Maybe,deep down, my faith isn't that fragile

Unknown said...

Hi Ellen! So good to hear from you. I'll excuse your brain farts! Not to worry!

Yes I have always found this a comforting card but because I found your Druid card interpretation of this card I find it even more so, comforting. I think way we reach a certain age with a good amount of life experience we don't sweat the petty things, or pet the sweaty things! HA!