Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three of Cups - The Blue Bird of Happiness

Initial completion is what in all of the Threes of every suit represents. The Three of Cups augers the first part of the journey that heralds promise, and emotional fulfillment, love and happiness. Eros the god of love, is close behind Psyche's groom, whom she can not see. Psyche is in her bridal gown, and the nymphs holding the cups toward the couple in happy and joyous celebration.

It is a revelation of life to find out what we naively thought would make us happy once upon a time, changes as we age. When I was a girl of about 11 or 12, I was certain having breasts was going to make me happy. I dreamt of  wearing long necklaces draped over my bosom, I would be twenty, and  be a happy adult, as opposed to being an unhappy powerless kid. Wow, if it had been that easy I would be well happy by now!

I also believed if I could have a horse I would be happy, and I wanted to have a "normal " family. Neither of these things happened, however along with my ideas of happiness my dreams also changed, and this was a good thing.

I dislike that word normal. Normal does not mean happy, and happiness has nothing to do with normality. Frankly, I am not even sure what normalcy is. I know what happiness is for me. Happiness is sometimes an elusive thing, and certainly is different for everyone. Mostly I think it is living and appreciating the moment, and being grateful. Living in the past, or projecting into the future, is not where we find happiness. I now can take responsibility for my happiness, and that feels real good. This a great big life changing lesson, because it is based on reality, not on chasing castles in the sky, and not on having pipe dreams, or searching and expecting someone or something else other than ourselves to bring us happiness. It just ain't gonna happen!

The message of the Three of Cups is, to remember that, our initial feelings of joy and bliss are always changing along the path. The journey is not finished, and hard work lies ahead, but we can fully enjoy happiness in all it's human and divine promise, now.


Ellen said...

"Mostly I think it is living and appreciating the moment, and being grateful." That is a lesson I've learned too. Letting go of expectations:. I have two daughters, one with PDD NOS, (autisme) and one with ADD, so no "normality" there. My husbands story; well you know. Life is what it is and we have to play with the cards were dealt. And honestly while I am typing this I can truly, say (although I am still ill:D) I am happy!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Ellen. Yes happiness is an inside job! Normal and all the labels, judgements etc. That's what makes for unhappiness.