Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Queen of Cups - The Feminine Heroine

Oh she's a grand lady, the Queen of Cups. She's loving, fertile and an emotionally generous woman. She drinks deeply from the cup of life. Her emotions and sexuality flow like water and both are intense. She lives in the inner world of feeling, bottomless and unfathomable. She is beautiful Helen of Troy, the women in the card of the Lovers. I like to think of her as a feminist, and understanding that the personal is political.

This card is very timely and fitting for me, as I am reading a book The Heroine's Journey that speaks of this Queen who represents the deepening and development of the ultimate feminine soul qualities of the individual, her inner life relies on her intuition before her intellect. The Queen of Cups lives the Heroine's Journey.

So much of our identity comes from our mother, in positive or negative ways. Society's perception of the feminine has been distorted, based on a masculine perception, both historically and culturally. This is often why so many women perceive themselves, without confidence or belief in themselves, and not wanting to fully embrace their real identity, because their identity is not masculine. Understanding the Queen of Cups within ourselves, can help us to embrace our real feminine nature.

The Heroine’s Journey by Nazim Artist


Ellen said...

"her inner life relies on her intuition before her intellect" Intuition is a wonderful gift. Trusting it a major challenge (at least for me) I guess the question is do we dare to embrace Silence and listen....
Thanks you for your wise words my friend

Unknown said...

Thank you for reading Ellen and for your comments. When I was young I trusted my intuition. Then not so much as I got older...mmm got me into a pile of trouble. That was a good lesson learned. I'm still learning :)