Thursday, August 14, 2014

Knight of Swords - Changing Our Perspective

When I drew this card today, thought, I'll put that one back, but then I thought, no this card speaks of the sign Gemini which is my astrological sign. I then impulsively ran outside to get the humungous amounts of grass clippings I had left from mowing over the past three days. The grass had gotten way out of hand. After that I came in and started this post.

This impulsiveness is typical in this Knight of Swords. He runs in like a bull in a china shop wanting, to save the day or causes turmoil like a house on fire. The mercurial character in the card augers sudden change which can be most welcome and can really excite some folks or be very disconcerting to others, because the routine have been disrupted and the apple cart has been upset, which can be a positive or negative.

As a Gemini, I understand the my capacities and the character defects of my dual nature, which is represented in the Knight of Swords that illustrates two men on a horse, identical twins, known as Dioscuri. Castor was mortal and Polydeuces was divine.

Knight of Swords is the one that is the charmer, the Don Juan of the romantic legend. He is the eternal youth, always changing, in search of the next adventure, and can't stay still for long, or he will get board. Some individuals may possess more of this impulse then others.
I am one of those that needs to be weary of this intensely attractive individual, because I will no doubt get my heart broken.

One thing is sure, change is good, even if it might not be seem positive when it is happening. Change can boot us out of our comfort zone, will change our perspective and broaden out vision in one way or another, giving clarity to gain control over our emotion and grow as individuals.

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