Monday, August 4, 2014

King of Wands - Ah Ha! Oh Oh!

I know who this is. I wasn't expecting this card, but then the cards don't lie. But there it is looking me in the face this morning.
 The leader, he can shape the world's events. He's Mr. Creative, the adventurer and the charmer, with the infectious personality. When I think about this as being the ideal man, I think about my late big brother Ralph and my loving late husband Bill. I also think about a gentleman of leisure, the late great Jessie Winchester.

I heard this beautiful anonymously written Arabic poem yesterday that I so love, and here it is. Only bit I don't care for is the "slave" word. Maybe servant-leader would be a better word? Because to me if you are a slave to love you are not free.

“ You are free
You are free before the noon day sun.
You are free before the moon,
and you are free before the stars.
And you are free when there is no sun
And when there is no moon,
and when there isn’t a single star in the sky.
But you are a slave,
You are a slave to the one you love,
Because you love him
And you are a slave to the one you love because he loves you back. "
― unknown Arabic poet

The King of Wands  full of passion, seizes the day and is ready to take on the world. The King is a self-starter, who has the strength to back up his own ideas and is full of creative energy. He's honest, a dependable man of action, generous and kindhearted. He's just pretty irresistible.
Ok, I admit it, I give in, I love this man! I'm done!


Ellen said...

I am growing to like this king more and more. Ad first I thought he was too dominant and too much of everything but now I can see how being like him can give such a creative boost to life.
I didn't know Jesse but thanks to Youtube I've been able to catch a glimpse of this gentle person. What a beautiful voice, Thank you for sharing this

Unknown said...

Well he can't be perfect but I have to say a good second I think!
Ellen I am SO happy you checked out Jesse.
I followed him since his early beginnings in Canada, though he was from the Southern States. He was a beautiful soul, and is sorrily missed now as the world lost a truly gentle spirit and huge creative talent. He was one of a kind.