Saturday, August 23, 2014

Queen of Pentacles - Abundance and Sensuality

The Queen of Pentacles is the just the card that confirms and an affirms what I need today. I'm not exactly there yet financially, in that I don't have a stable income. I am however striving to create balance in my life between  mind, body and spirit.
 Far from being financially prosperous like the Queen, I do feel secure within myself generally speaking, and this is a good feeling, and I want to be generous toward others, especially in a supportive and compassionate way. I am a down to earth person, like the Queen of Pentacles, relate and connect to others in this way.

My personal strengths were imparted to me. I was very blessed in my life to have had a mentor, my mother, who generously helped me get to where I am now at this point in my life. She was and is a great example and the epitome of what the Queen of Pentacles represents to me.  My mother became that secure and independent woman after many years of difficulty, hardship and struggle. A single woman who was rich, strong in spirit and generously shared her abundance of life with her messed up daughter, her family and with others. She was what I would call a mother's mother, embodying what the Queen of Pentacles asks of us; to be compassionate, nurturing, practical, down-to-earth in our attitude when relating to others, and in whatever the circumstance. My mother was stable, resourceful, realistic, versatile, loved life and was spiritual. She always was able to find solutions in an uncomplicated way.

I will conclude this post by relating to you a meaningful and affectionate memory I have, that for me, expresses the kind of woman my mother was. My mother loved dance and music, as she was a singer and a musician.
She had told me that she belly danced in the privacy of her own bedroom, by herself. This revealed to me how she was connected to the sensuality of her own body and to the earth, like the Queen of Pentacles. When she first told me she belly danced, myself being a teenager at this time, I was amazed, and a little shocked.
 Later in my own life I became a belly dancer. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself. It greatly enriched my life, my sense of self-value, acceptance of my body and connection with the earth. Challenging my self physically, affirmed my own Queen of Pentacles within.

Baubo The Belly Goddess - Egg Tempera - Catherine Meyers, 2013


Ellen said...

First, the painting is gorgeous so much detail and I love the colors you've chosen. Beautiful.
This queen is an all round lady indeed: from filling in taxes to, baking bread, nursing the sick and enjoying a soft smelling body lotion. You are so fortunate to have a mother who could teach you all these female qualities and who was there for you when you needed her. Luckily my mother, not as strong and earthy though, is a loving mom too. But bellydancing is something she would never try :D

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Ellen.
Yes indeed! The Queen is truly a Queen!
Ahhahaa. Well I am not conservative by a long shot, but then as a teenager I was bit shocked, but really, I thought it was pretty neat.

I have submitted this painting to an Alumni Exhibition for the Grand Opening of the new Fine Art Building at Mount Allison University, called Purdy Crawford. I was so thrilled to have been asked!

Ellen said...

It is a wonderful appreciation of your art!!!