Monday, August 11, 2014

Page of Wands - Time To Get A Backbone!

Being assertive is a hard life lesson for many of us. Most it seems, learn to either be aggressive or passive in our families of origin.

As Canadians, we are often self-deprecating, and make fun of ourselves, always apologizing and chronically saying "sorry". There is a funny element to this, but is also a kind of sad commentary.

I think humour is often our outlet, and maybe why we are known for our comedians. Comedy can be aggressive, misplaced, diverted anger and I understand that, being a huge comedy fan, but it needs to be more than hiding behind the mask of satyr, and cynicism.

Learning to use humour to get my message across,  I also have learned and am still learning, how to be assertive, and not fall into the black hole of apathy. Aggression and passivity are my enemies, and so here in the Page of Wands, is the message to let your voice be heard. If we do not speak up, then what ever is bothering us festers, and we can become bitter. If someone is really creating a problem or disruption and we don't tell them how we are feel about it, we don't give them the opportunity to change their behaviour.

The Page of Wands also encourages us to realize, that it's time to discover a new creative capacity within. Restlessness or a vague feeling of dissatisfaction may be present. It is important to pay attention to these feelings, and to take them seriously and to nurture these harbingers of creative inspiration.

It is essential that I listen and encourage my own inner voice as well, and not let it be squelched out by the noise, resentment and things that cause me to loose my focus. Time to get a backbone!

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