Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Six of Wands - Power & Recognition

Everyone needs a strong sense of personal power that comes from recognition, being a basic human need. Some constantly crave attention, never being able to get enough to fill what seems like a bottomless pit. Other folks are not comfortable at all with any recognition, are self-deprecating to the point of having very little self-worth or confidence. I have seen this many times working with troubled youth for many years. Adults need to impart basic needs to children in order for them to grow into people who have a real sense of personal power.

We all want our fifteen minutes of fame, it is often stated. Regardless, the fact is, it makes little difference to our self-confidence if we are not our own biggest fan, believe in our own abilities, and our capacity to be creative, talented or accomplished, in what ever way.

In the Six of Wands we see Jason who has finally retrieved the Golden Fleece and he is being praised for having fought, and triumphed over the Dragon, which he met head on, including all of the other challenges, and obstacles he faced before finally capturing the Golden Fleece.

His journey is not over however, and there are still new challenges to face.
Jason received great public acclaim for his accomplishment, however he needs to continue to maintain his conviction to be all he can be, to have courage and faith in himself, intuition and an inner spiritual vision.

We can get carried away with public recognition, or our desire for it. Ego can get the best of us with the heady moments and intoxication of praise, acclaim, and much collective validation for efforts made. Public affirmation presents it's own dilemma.
As well, we may experience having to deal with the competitiveness, and envy of others, including our family and friends.

Success is measured in many different ways, depending on how it is defined. Though recognition feels like success, and in some ways it is. It can be a wonderful feeling, because one feels validated, and can give us a sense of belonging.
Ultimately true success, and validation comes from within, and we all have to find the courage to find our own personal power.

Circle of Courage - George Blue Bird - Lakota Artist


Ellen said...

Ultimate success comes from within: I fully AGREE!!! How often do we get praise while we completely disagree.
And what about when you show your art to others; then praise can be paralyzing for your next project!!!
I hope you are feeling better

Unknown said...

Well said Ellen.
Yes, I do know that paralysis.
Sometimes it is good like you said in previous comments, good to take a brake. I'm doing that right now. I did sell $175.00 worth of work which certainly made me feel great. But I am still taking a break. This weekend I am going to do readings at our local market instead of bringing my art only to sit there and sell nothing. It's not good for the moral. I have decided to for go allowing myself to feel this way any more and just keep concentrating on selling directly to those who support and appreciate my work, have more shows and commissions. I feel better already!